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  1. I have recently been interested in both Existentialism and Objectivism. I am aware that both are at odds with each otehr (from what I've read so far on an Objectivist website) but is it possible for an individual to have views from each without contradicting onesself. For example, I agree that one should do whatever brings him pleasure, but he does not necessarily have to do using reason (although it's helpful).

  2. I recently have been obsessed over Beethoven's 9th and Schiller's Ode to Joy, and have become itnerested with the whole idea of brotehrhood. At the same time I have begun to read Ayn Rand's work and philosophy. The first calls for universal brotehrhood, while the second calls for individualism and rational self-interest. However can there be any clear, solid coherence between the two?? My answer is: yes, because one would have to be interact peacefully and graciously towards one another in order to bring about progress. What do you guys think! (I'm aware that my opinion is lacking support for the moment, and if people show interest in this post I'll put on more explanation!)

  3. Dear all,

    as some of you may know the tiny nordic country of Iceland is in great trouble due to the financial crisis. In just a matter of days Iceland was thrown into a major depression which threatens to destroy the country. The depression was caused by a combination of a corporatist central banking system and irresponsible banksters who gambled Iceland into a debt depression.

    This is of course sad for the Icelandic people, but also poses a major opportunity for liberty. I have created a movement for helping Iceland become debt free in return for creating a laissez-faire haven for the helpers. The deal is as follows:

    1. A non-Icelandic individual pays a one-time fee of $25.000+1% of the wealth he wants to have protected under Icelandic law. Similarly a non-icelandic corporation pays a one-time fee of 5% (minimum $500.000) in order to operate freely on Iceland.

    2. In return the individual becomes a Charter Citizen of Iceland and the corporation becomes a Charter Corporation, which gives them FULL ECONOMIC FREEDOM. In practice this means:

    - they pay ZERO taxes

    - they may freely choose their means of trade (gold, dollars, chickens, you name ut.)

    - they may perform any economic activity WITHOUT REGULATION provided that the activity is generally legal in Iceland. (E.g. narcotics may be illegal, but banking is legal and hence Charter Citizens may operate FREE BANKING)

    - they have ZERO welfare rights

    - all Charter Citizen/Corporation contracts are protected by Icelandic law

    Or put briefly: Iceland becomes debt free and the Charter Citizens become tax and regulation free.

    Even if you do not intend to ever become a Charter Citizen of Iceland yourself I strongly urge you all to support this enterprise. You can do that by joining the Facebook page called Free Iceland and to make sure to spread this information to all your friends and liberty-oriented associates.


    Transforming Iceland into a liberty haven can have enormous consequences for global politics. I am particularly fond of the notion that gold is recognized as a means of payment. Therefore please do not let this opportunity escape you.

    You bring up a very interesting proposal. This would no doubt interest foreign companies to invest, but do you think it will happen quick enough so that Iceland can recover by at least in five years? Either way I think it would be a good idea for Iceland to have this system or something similar as it has nothing to lose from this sort of legislature.

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