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    I am a finance student studying at the MBA Program at KIMEP University in Kazakhstan. My Bachelor's degree is in economics. I first read Atlas Shrugged in high school, having studied at the American-style Almaty International School then. Later, I read Anthem and excerpts from the Virtue of Selfishness. I find the books very fascinating and appealing.
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    planning to become an instructor

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  1. It is easy to look at negative externalities, which are usually a violation of individual rights. But what about positive externalities? Will the private sector alone provide sufficient education, for example, to maintain the system in a fine condition? Education benefits not only those who study, but society as a whole as well. It is more difficult to deceive an educated person than an uneducated person. So, would supporting education be part of the government's protection against coercion? I don't have a right or wrong answer for this.
  2. I think all of Europe and North America is degrading into statism. This will have such enormous consequences for Europe in the long run that Taiwan and Singapore, which have freer economies, may replace them as the main economic powers. The problem of eliminating lobbying can be clearly boiled down to decreasing the power of the government. Unfortunately, this is impossible under the majority rule system, on which most Western countries are based. Only if individuals press the government to give up its power will lobbying cease.
  3. Find out as much as possible about this person. Is he trying to use you? What is his history of personal relationships like? What are his philosophical convictions? Be curious, but do not expect your boyfriend himself to tell you everything himself. You may have to talk to other people who know him. Make sure that you can trust them.
  4. I think it is a matter of choosing one's values, ensuring that they are consistent with each other, planning one's strategy for achieving them, and keeping these plans consistent with any events occurring in the process of implementation. Laziness, dishonesty, blind conformity, lack of pride, and other forms of irrationality will not make an individual happy. Possessing wealth implies the need for making choices on spending and investment. These choices must be consistent with the individual's values, and the values themselves must be consistent with the need to prolong one's existence qua man. The source of one's wealth must also be consistent with the individual's values and enable long-run survival, without fear or guilt.
  5. No, unfortunately. The reading was not required, but I was positively influenced by Tenzing Shaw. As a university student, I referred to Ayn Rand a couple of times in my discussions, particularly in criticizing environmentalism. I participated in several debates on that issue. Nevertheless, I have been positively impressed by having translations of works of Ayn Rand being posted on the Internet. I have been reading "The Fountainhead" in Russian. I am on the second part of the novel. The book is interesting, but I am yet to grasp the motives of some characters, such as Dominique, who is a very mysterious character.
  6. Hello, everyone! My name is Dmitriy Belyanin and I am a business administration graduate student at KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I also have a Bachelor's degree in economics. I have a strong interest in economics and politics. I've read Atlas Shrugged in high school, and later read Anthem and excerpts from The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism, the New Ideal in college. I enjoy philosophical and political discussions.
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