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  1. 1. Why do you think that Objectivism has not been taken seriously by the academic philosophical circles? (or very few) 2. I think that is scientifically or rationally impossible to believe that there is an absolute morality, or even that they can "discover." Where does it going to discover the ethics or morality, if not exist in nature? You can not "objectively discover" something that is a purely human creation and purely cultural. 3. Finally, I want to know your opinion about Robert Nozick's critique in "Socratic Puzzles", which criticizes the argument foundational ethics Rand: "The proclamation of one's life is, for every man, the ultimate value because it is the value that makes all others possible. " Nozick argues that Rand failed to explain why someone could not rationally prefer dying and have no value. According to this argument, the defense of Rand's egoism is a petitio principii fallacy, and the Rand solution to the problem of "being-should be "of David Hume is not satisfactory. I want to clarify that I agree with many points of the Ayn Rand's philosophy, but in others fundamentals points I have still doubts. As you answer, I will post new questions or concerns in this post Sorry for my bad English, I'am learning.
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