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  1. [i apologize if I'm not supposed to be posting a topic like this, as I'm sure there's plenty of information scattered about the forum, but I found this would be a lot easier.] Hello, I'm a bit new to the forum, and, actually, to the name Ayn Rand. I've always found interest in philosophy, and a few months ago I stumbled upon her & decided to learn a bit more. I was asked to give a speech, on anything, in order to recieve my high school diploma, but found myself stuck for a topic for almost the whole year. ::facepalm:: Eventually, I decided it would be interesting to center it around Objectivism, although my knowledge of it is very limited. A learning experience and challenge for me, something to make it far more entertaining to write. I've picked up a few of her books [Notably the fiction, silly me. This, although really interests me, isn't much help in what I'm writing.], Leonard Piekoff's "Objectivism: The Philosophy Of Ayn Rand", as well as found a few websites with information, including this one. Though I do believe I could easily finish the outline with information from these, I've found myself short of the minimum ten cites. But anyway, what I was wondering, was if anyone could direct me to somewhere I could find some information? Or perhaps help me with information that would be vital to include when informing someone on Objectivism? Maybe even specific threads or posts on this site? I was looking, but it seems quite a lot are more arguments or narrowed down than basic information. [Would I have permission to cite the forum?] More web-based cites would be appreciated, as I'm not sure when I'll next be able to get to the book store. That, and, it could be due in this, or next month. One should also know: As it's a speech on Objectivism, I figured it would be best to first give a good description on general philosophy, so the listener can better understand exactly what it is I'm talking about. The second section, will be an introduction to Ayn Rand herself, & the third, of Objectivism. Anything on any one of those topics is greatly appreciated! Thank you. c:
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