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    Over the past decade, I've also seen evidence that there is quite a lot of interest in Objectivism in India.

    I once asked an Objectivist who is a native of India about this. He told me that one thing that helps account for the Indian interest in Objectivism is that in India, there is quite a lot of interest in philosophy in general. So people get interested in Objectivism because they're already explicitly interested in philosophy.

    Perhaps this is a contrast with the United States. In the US, people seem to find out about Objectivism most commonly through reading Ayn Rand's fiction, or through being interested in her political ideas, not because they had an explicit interest in philosophy.


    That's good news about Ayn Rand's books in Japan. I don't know much about Japanese culture, but I do observe that it is a country that has been very good at rapidly adopting good ideas from Western Civilization. And the fact that their economy is so productive (second largest in the world, I believe) means there must be lots of people there who take productiveness and this-worldly success seriously - are reality-oriented, in other words. People with those traits should make good potential Objectivists.
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