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    I am a final year student at Singapore Polytechnic. Right now I am writing a research paper on Superheroes in Comics and how the themes of justice in those narratives reflect society's own pursuit of justice. The paper is due in slightly under a month, and I've chosen forum correspondence as a method of data collection. So any comments on my thread would be greatly appreciated.
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    Singapore Polytechnic
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  1. Hi guys, just as an update I got an A for my paper. Many thanks to those who have contributed to this thread, I did get a few ideas of what other areas I could explore and incorporated it in my research. Thank you all once again!
  2. On another example, some superheroes are reluctant heroes, such as Spiderman. He doesn't want to be a hero, but feels compelled to do so, because he's been blessed with power, power that can protect society. So it begs the age-old philosophical question, is it immoral for a man who can make a difference in protecting society, to refuse to do so out of his own self interest? From a utilitarian perspective, does this age-old, one should sacrifice one's own interest for the betterment of the entire society, does this concept hold true to you? Do you think that the appeal of these conc
  3. Hi, I am a final year student currently working on a research paper about how themes of justice and morality present in superhero comics reflect society's own pursuit of justice. The data I am trying to acquire in this case would be information on society's views on justice. 1. Since the emergence of the modern day Superhero in 1938 with the debut of Superman, how has society's perception of justice changed throughout the times? From the Great Depression, to the World War, the Cold War, to modern day events like the recent financial crisis, how has these events shaped and changed s
  4. I've only read 2 of Follet's novels - The Third Twin and Code to Zero. Both were pretty gripping stuff. The Third Twin was my favourite of the two, I guess because unlike Code to Zero, which had the political backdrop of the Cold War and the Space Race, the Third Twin dealt more with themes about nature vs nurture. It wasn't explored that thoroughly, but the plot and mystery was riveting all the way to the end. He's a great writer.
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