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  1. After thinking about it a little more, I agree to an extent with what you say. In certain cases, ad-blocking is acceptable (though probably not sustainable if enough people do it, and said sites lose money as a result). I've done some research and found that some sites, in their terms of service, prohibit the use of ad-blocking software, so one would have to constantly be on the lookout for sites that present their content on such terms. In those cases, I would definitely consider it to be an immoral action – violating a contractual agreement.
  2. Would it be immoral to use ad-blocking software to block ad content on any given website? I've concluded that it would be, based on the principle of seeking the unearned, as many times ads are the main revenue generator for website owners. But I'm bringing it up because there are many here more well versed than I on the principles of Objectivism, and I would love to hear other thoughts – even if they are counter to my conclusion.
  3. Agreed. Case in point: http://www.nissan.com/ VS. http://www.nissanusa.com/ The full story behind the similar names can be found here.
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