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  1. Bertrand Russell was a terrible philosopher, so I'd be wary of anything by him. ahhhhh, he was not a terrible philosopher, he just wrote alot about thing thats he didn't really know about. Anyway you don't read you don't read Russell just for his philosophy but the fact that he sounds like an old man that is angry at everything. I have read A history of philosophy, apparently it is not as good as the afor mentioned collection but it is still quite good and alot shorter. He focuses too much of the ancients eg. Plato, Aristole, the scholistics etc and misses out on scholars after the start of last century eg Sartre,Foucault etc. It does give each of the philosophy in a context and is not dry at all. I would recommend it. BTW, whats is wrong with logical analysis? I thought it was pretty much saying metaphysics is utter nosense.
  2. I would recommend Eric Hobsbawm's- The Age of revolution, Age of Capital,Age of Empires and Age of Extremes for modern history at least. It's an economic history and as such is quite dry in parts and quite long. It was quite enlightening reading the Age of Extremes 1914-1991 in particular.
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