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  1. Price reduced to $50 Heavy Duty I & II books and Mentzer workout DVD were purchased earlier this year. These items are in storage and are in like-new condition.
  2. New Year’s resolutions are about a month away, and gyms nationwide will be filled with people intent on getting fit and trim. They will go to the gym enthusiastically day after day, week after week, month after month...only to abandon the whole effort, perhaps by summer. Why? Mike Mentzer provided the answer: overtraining. More important, Mentzer provided the solution: downregulating the volume and frequency of your workouts as you progress. Mike Mentzer read Atlas Shrugged in 1977. He then went on to win the Mr. Universe title (1978) and the heavyweight class in the Mr. Olympia contest (1979) before being knocked out of the sport by establishment favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger and his judges in the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest. Mentzer all but disappeared from the bodybuilding scene after his disappointing 4th place in the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest despite being at his all-time peak conditioning. During his absence he mastered Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy and Arthur Jones’ "Less is More" bodybuilding philosophy. He then began applying this material to his personal training clients. This would enable him to evolve his own bodybuilding philosophy from Heavy Duty to High-Intensity Training. Mike Mentzer was the first and only person to rip out mysticism from weightlifting and bodybuilding exercise science. He then integrated his new findings into a complete system of bodybuilding that is free of mysticism, irrationality, distortions, pragmatism. Mentzer revealed earth's first-and-only fully conceptual, non-mystical system of weightlifting and bodybuilding science. It is valid and applicable to every human being regardless of body type. Tragically, Mentzer died hours after completing his final masterwork -- never being able to see the success of his lifelong effort. The following materials reveal the evolution of his philosophy as well as reveal his numerous expositions on epistemology, ethics, politics, environmentalism and more. But most important, he reveals a rational approach to exercise that anyone can use to get in shape without the debilitating effects of overtraining. The following items for sale are used but in excellent condition: 1) Heavy Duty I (1993, 69 pages, $30 new) 2) Heavy Duty II (1996, 163 pages, $30 new) 3) High-Intensity Training (2001, 224 pages, $20 new) 4) Mike & Ray in the Gym (Late 1970s, 1 hour DVD, $40 new) Readers can see how Mike evolved and refined his bodybuilding philosophy via a rigorous application of logic, experimentation, and correction. The DVD contains an interview Mike did in 1994 that reveals detailed information that is helpful to beginners and advanced trainers alike. See Mentzer incorporate Ayn Rand's ideal of Man as Heroic in his posing routines captured in the pages of the above books. The above items new cost $120 + $17 shipping for a total of $137. You can purchase the above items used but in excellent condition for just $60. You will get free shipping. Call 585-200-2735 to purchase this uniquely valuable Mike Mentzer Collection to read Mentzer's written words, hear his spoken words and see him in action in the gym. This material is inspiring, informative and incredible. PS: Choose one of the following Objectivism lectures and you will receive it for free along with the Mike Mentzer collection: * The American School: Why Johnny Can’t Think by Leonard Peikoff * Capitalism's Economist: The Life and Ideas of Jean Baptiste Say by Richard Salsman
  3. Price Reduced: $145 for both DIM I & DIM II lecture sets (a $290 value) plus free shipping. Will also include a bonus item for FREE
  4. These lectures provide an outline of the entire book and go into a detailed analysis only on a portion of the book's content. Detailed sections in these lectures include a DIM analysis of history, education, literature and politics. It is helpful for the listener to be familiar with Peikoff's works on history, education, literature and politics. This is a breathtaking scope of information with a radically new way of looking at the past, present and future. I was doubtful about Peikoff's hypothesis before listening to these lectures. After completing this entire set, I fear he is correct. At least I cannot refute his sweeping analysis and logical conclusion. I will not reveal what his hypothesis is here; I will let listeners (and later, readers) discover this for themselves. My guess is the DIM Hypothesis book will contain about 500 pages after all the editing is completed. But I have not seen the manuscript, so I do not know how much material will make the final cut. On another note, I made some errors in my original post but do not know how to edit it. If anyone knows how I can edit the original post, please inform me. I paid about $300 for these two lectures, DIM I & II, not $600 as stated above. I'm lowering the price for both of these lectures to $175. This price includes shipping anywhere in America. I will also include one of the bonus lectures listed above for free. Your choice.
  5. This is the final Objectivism lecture by Dr. Leonard Peikoff. It is the most advanced application of Objectivism to date. This 24-CD set contains nearly 20 hours of material from 2007 and 2010 lectures by Peikoff. Not only does he reveal the essentialized content of his upcoming book The Dim Hypothesis, but he provides contextual material such as who helped shaped the book and why. His final farewell to Objectivism and special thank you section are worth the price of admission. This is a two-part set, Dim Hypothesis I and II, each set containing 12 CDs. Both sets are in excellent condition. I purchased this set earlier this year for approximately $600. Your price is $245. Free shipping anywhere in America. I will also include one of the following bonus lectures on CD. Pick one: * The American School: Why Johnny Can’t Think by Leonard Peikoff * The Inductive Method: An Epistemological Revolution by David Harriman * Capitalism's Economist: The Life and Times of Jean Baptiste Say by Richard Salsman Call 585-200-2735 if you are interested in purchasing The Dim Hypothesis I & II lecture series and let me know which bonus lecture you would like.
  6. I agree that organized religion -- in this case Christianity -- is a serious problem when admixed with government, and so I agree with Objectivists that Republicans should be punished by being ousted from the reigns of political power due to their explicit and genuine religiosity. But the more fundamental problem here is mysticism rather than one particular theology. In other words, if we drive Christians out of political power, but put in other mystics, what might arise could be equally bad...or worse.
  7. Pew Research recently conducted a poll on religious & mystical practices in America. Prominent Objectivists have been denouncing Republicans because of their inclination towards religious mysticism while praising Democrats because of their inclination toward secular reality. Pew's recent poll results reveal the opposite: Democrats believe in reincarnation more than Republicans (30% vs. 17%). Democrats believe in spiritual energy more than Republicans (30% vs. 17%). Democrats believe in astrology more than Republicans (31% vs. 14%). Democrats believe in Yoga spirituality more than Republicans (30% vs. 15%). Democrats believe in communicating with the dead more than Republicans (36% vs. 21%). Democrats believe in ghosts more than Republicans (21% vs. 11%). Democrats believe in fortune tellers more than Republicans (22% vs. 9%). Source: http://pewforum.org/docs/?DocID=490
  8. Barack Hussein Obama is making good on this 2007 presidential campaign promise: Source: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=CN...;show_article=1
  9. Source: http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...8670&st=120 Objective Bodybuilding If most bodybuilders are stuck on the body side of the mind/body dichotomy, then most intellectuals are stuck on the mind side of the mind/body dichotomy. Neither situation is desirable. If you are an intellectual, you can develop your body in the most efficient manner possible by using Mike Mentzer's High-Intensity Training protocols. First, it has been said by some people that Mentzer was not a scientist and thus his work is invalid. Such people cite scientists who have never lifted weights to disprove Mentzer's protocols. The fact is Mike Mentzer developed his bodybuilding protocols based upon his successful 30+ year career of weightlifting/bodybuilding and personally training thousands of clients. After extensive note taking, careful observation and a dedication to rational thinking, Mentzer assembled a program of objective bodybuilding. The common approach to weightlifting & bodybuilding that is promulgated by the establishment is a high-volume/supplements approach. This has its origin in Europe -- particularly Germany -- during the early 20th century. Budding athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger & Franco Columbu adopted this approach in Germany in the mid-20th century. Upon immigrating to America, such people popularized it around the globe via magazines, books & seminars. The high-volume/supplements approach is based upon German Idealism. This is expressed by the notions that you can "will" yourself into becoming muscular or "mind over muscle" or as Arnold says, "you must keep the muscles guessing". In practice, this translates into mindless activity: endless repetitions, endless sets, endless exercises, endless workouts. "If you will it, it will happen." The problem with this approach is that it is subjective. Not being anchored in reality, adherents quickly burnout via overtraining and must turn to supplements to help the body recover from the exhaustive effects of chronic energy expenditure. Eventually supplements are not enough so adherents must turn to illegal/dangerous drugs such as steroids and growth hormones to endure endless exercise. Adherents that do not use copious amounts of supplements or illegal substances stagnate in their physical development. This is referred to as "hitting a plateau". Such people usually quit weightlifting within their first two years. The frustration is too much -- not to mention the chronic aches, pains & injuries. The genius of Mike Mentzer was to take a road less traveled. He was viciously denounced and attacked for deviating from bodybuilding orthodoxy. Yet he was committed to a rational course of action even if the rest of the bodybuilding world rejected him. After extensive study, practice, experimentation and refinement, Mentzer developed a high-intensity/natural approach to bodybuilding. This literally took his entire life to complete. He died just hours after completing what he claimed was the final evolution of his High-Intensity Training protocols. The high-intensity/natural approach to bodybuilding is based upon the research of Arthur Jones, Ayn Rand's Objectivism and Francis Bacon's scientific method. After much trial and error -- after developing theories and testing them in reality -- Mentzer revised & refined his protocols into an objective approach to bodybuilding. Contradicting the arbitrary assertions from the bodybuilding establishment such as "4 sets of 10", Mentzer propounded the idea of "1 set to failure". Yet the entire bodybuilding establishment, being based upon Subjectivism, was ensconced in supplements/drugs to keep it going. Mentzer's assertion meant that endless supplements/drugs were not necessary. So Mentzer was attacked and dismissed as crazy. Advocates of subjective bodybuilding launched ad hominem attacks at Mentzer, even claiming he drank his own urine. In 1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger summoned his influence to "teach Mentzer a lesson". Yet reality cannot be denied for long. Thus people eventually learned his protocols and made consistent progress from minimal work. And this is the key to objective bodybuilding. Nature is stingy when it comes to building muscles. A person will not build muscles by lifting a pencil 10 times or 100 times or a 1000 times. Such activity merely wastes time & energy. The key is doing the minimal amount of work necessary to stimulate muscular growth and then do no more. The rest of the body's energy is used in (1) recovering from the workout and later (2) repairing the damaged muscle fibers in a manner that causes a slight increase in their size and strength. That's it. Upon integrating Mentzer's most developed works -- High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way (book) and Mike Mentzer's HIT Exercise DVD -- I've summarized his ideal workout: Week 1: Torso (3 sets, 25 minutes) Week 2: Legs (4 sets, 12 minutes) Week 3: Shoulders/Arms (4 sets, 15 minutes) Week 4: Legs (4 sets, 12 minutes) This 4-week workout cycle takes approximately one hour per month and is repeated from month to month. Below are the actual exercises. Torso Workout Chest: 1 set chest flye (6-10 reps) superset with incline press (1-3 reps) Back: 1 set straight-arm pull-down (6-10 reps) superset with palms-up pull-down (6-10 reps) Entire body: 1 set deadlift (5-8 reps) Legs Workout Quadriceps: 1 set leg extension (8-15 reps) superset with leg press (8-15 reps) Hamstrings: 1 set leg curls (8-15 reps) Calves: 1 set standing calf raise (12-20 reps) Abs: 1 set sit-up (12-20 reps) Shoulders/Arms Workout Shoulders: 1 set lateral raise (6-10 reps). 1 set bent-over raise (6-10 reps) Biceps: 1 set curl (6-10 reps) Triceps: 1 set cable press-down (6-10 reps) superset with dip (3-5 reps) Here are some tips for implementing Mentzer's High-Intensity Training protocols: * Do the minimal amount of warm-up required to get your mind & body prepared. * Machines such as Nautilus & Smith Machine are recommended for safety, good form & working the muscles in the fully contracted (isometric) position. * Use Mentzer's 4-2-4 count on each rep: count 1, 2, 3, 4 on the positive portion of the lift then count 1, 2 on the isometric or contracted position and count 1, 2, 3, 4 on the negative portion of the lift. This works each aspect of the muscle fully and increases the intensity of the exercise by removing momentum (and makes each exercise safer). * Workout approximately once per week -- some people might be ready for another workout in 6 days, others in 8 days or longer. * Keep notes of each workout and make sure you progress in strength each workout. If you are not progressing, you might require more time between workouts. * Beginners (0-1 year of lifting experience) should perform basic compound movements like the squat, deadlift, power clean, military press, bench press, bent-over row & chin-up to develop a basic foundation of strength and muscle mass. * After 1 year or more of lifting experience, a person is ready to use High-Intensity Training protocols. * According to Mentzer, you can fulfill your genetic potential for muscular development in 1 year using HIT protocols properly. * Consult Mentzer's HIT book (2002) & HIT DVD (2004) for more information. * Supplements such as creatine & protein powder are not inherently bad, but they should not be used to overcome improper training methods. Illegal drugs such as steroids & growth hormones should be avoided because they can distort body parts and permanently damage organs. Source: http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...8670&st=120
  10. Leftists have linked human sexual activity with global warming. It might not be long before the government appoints a Sex Czar to control this "problem". Source
  11. Right after September 11, 2001 Dr. Savage said this on his radio show: "We have a man I agree with thoroughly... We have a man I agree with totally which is why I invited him on the show. I don't ever invite anyone on the show unless I agree with him. It's pointless. His name is Dr. Leonard Peikoff. He's the founder of the Ayn Rand Institute..." Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9sdQcwmdCs
  12. Source: http://talk910.com/pages/blog.html?feed=33...article=5988487 Dr. Michael Savage launched his radio career on radio station WKNEW 910 AM in San Francisco, California 15 years ago. This was his flagship radio station where he held the top spot. Today he was removed from this radio station because of his views and opinions -- namely for calling Obama a Marxist and comparing Obama and the Democrats to Nazis. Michael Savage has been banned in Great Britian for criticizing the British Labor Party and how they have ruined Great Britian. Now he is being banned from American airwaves.
  13. Here is what to expect in the next four years with an Obama/Pelosi/Reid government: * Time Magazine's Man of the Year: Barack Obama * Islamic terrorists will hit America hard, perhaps with Iranian nuclear devices, wiping out between 100,000 to 10,000,000 Americans * Super inflation for consumer goods * Destruction of domestic auto industry by government forcing US auto makers to make cars most people do not want to buy * Increase in income, capital gains, dividends, corporate, estate taxes * Greatly expand number of citizens dependent on government for survival * Rise of political entrepreneurs as market entrepreneurs withdraw from society * Curtail military while expanding entitlement programs * Silence political opposition via Fairness Doctrine, Hate Speech laws, approval committees for radio stations * And finally, blame Bush for society's ills
  14. Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20081102/pl_politico/15166
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