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  1. I agree -- it ought to be the case that truth trumps all, but frankly I am not encouraged. There is a kind of fanaticism which taints much of Objectivism that is not open to reason. For some, I suspect that O'ism provides an avenue for social outsiders and "brainiacs" who are or were teased at school to feel like they're getting even, or that most people are contemptible (easier...

  2. As the previous commentor stated: excellent argumentation. It is, however, a lost cause: Rand's atheism was fundamental to her view of the world (when she was 13, she wrote that she wanted to become religion's greatest enemy) and esentially her philosophy was developed in order to have all of the logical consequences of there being a God, but with man in place of God. Nothing will shake...

  3. Briefly: your challenging arguments have exposed some assumptions in my atheist position. Still mulling it over...


  4. HI, Excellent argumentation you made on the 'god' thread - I learned something!

    Tony - whYNOT

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