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  1. Superman: I don't understand why you should be proud of your sexual tendencies.

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    2. Maken


      Gay "pride" does not necessarily evoke the idea of pride in homosexuality. It could, as I do not know for certain, stem from pride in the courage to express individualism. I think context always matters.

    3. Tomer Ravid

      Tomer Ravid

      What "individualism?" They just go around with their sexual costumes shouting that they are gay and that they want an appropriate treatment. This is called barbarism, considering them as a group even tribal barbarism, certainly not individualism. As Ellsworth Toohey once said, "[d]o you really think so?"

    4. Maken


      Yes, stereotypes are a good basis for judging an entire class of people. Being gay is individualistic. It sets apart homosexuals and heterosexuals. It probably takes a great deal of courage to even come "out of the closet" considering a large portion of society does not look upon homosexuality with favor.

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