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  1. In a full sense, it is scary to think of how the eastablishment succeeds in determining a sane persona`s convinctions by means of cheap, emotionalistic `stolen concept`---e.g., `human` rights, morality, values and ``maturity`` as well, including the ``authoriative`` very ones who pretend to be thus naive about it (``What? Are you not in the real-world? You`re so extreeme and different~!``) ``There is a tragic, twisted sort of compliment to mankind involved in this issue: in spite of all their irrationalities, inconsistencies, hypocrisies and evasions, the majority of men will not act, in major issues, without a sense of being morally right and will not oppose the morality they have accepted. They will break it, they will cheat on it, but they will not oppose it; and when they break it, they take the blame on themselves. The power of morality is the greatest of all intellectual powers -- and mankind's tragedy lies in the fact that the vicious moral code men have accepted destroys them by means of the best within them.`` Yet, if you (for the sake of an illustration) are rejecting formally-worded argument lifting-up you hand for claiming that ``You are philoosophizing [The only way to stay away from philosophy is not asking `why` and hence not giving your arguments a connection with reality] \ Everybody knows you`re wrong [Who is `everyone` and does `everyone` know he is right?] \ Life is not a matter of balck or white and logic does not necessarily work [And this I do not even attempt to respond] \ It is definitely foreseeable that you haven`t grown up and haven`t formulating the accepted opinions you should have since you are such an Anti [Anti-what? Anti-breath? Anti digestive system? Anti-individualism? Anti-anti?] \ You think you know everything better than anyone else without any reputation [Oh, you`re so right for saying ``You think you`re so right``. Or you have a certain consistency and integrity and you do not find yourself to be right as well? I shall trust you] \ You are a nerd and I`ll beat you up [Well, I`ll build a nuclear weapon]`` you are simply not a part of my target audience, nor of any rational man on earth`s. It is absolutely tragic that people are brainwashed not to judge by their own and moreover not to think in principles but in vague slogans. It is absolutely tragic that everyone you see is a second hander or an malevolent second hander or one of those cynicals with this idiotic-fake-conformistic smile spread on their face dropping meaningless, arbitrary and spare notes which could not recognize whether are real or a mere pointless joke when one is dread to evaluate. But in such a society, it is a huge pleasure to tell oneself: You are lonely! Until the school year ends I mean to write upon the placard of this quotation of Janusz Korczak (this teacher who committed in the gas chamber in WWII) about ``maturity`` ``Who is John Galt`` so that in effect these horrendous people shall research on it (sure they will).
  2. Misses sharing values with *human beings*, and misses encountering people who are neither evil nor barbarian.

  3. And I tought that Israel finally got rid of its socialist past.

  4. UPDATE: He accepted to totally nationalize the discovered natural gas!

  5. P.S., it doesn`t mean he`s any worse than any ``radical`` (the only randicalness I know is in the recognition of individual rights) liberal or conservative leader.

    He is not evil, he even attempted to recognize individual rights (as capitalist philosophy regards them) in the 90`s. He merely has no opinion or purpose as a prime-minister. He does not evaluate.

  6. They both regard themselves `adovcates of freedom`. The question is what they really hold and desire.

    If `consevatism` is about God and the nation and `liberalism` is about the society and self sacrifice (to the enemy) Benjamin Netanyahu is about God, the society, the nation and self sacrifice, and they both are `left-wing` (i.e., they do not attempt to recognize individual rights).

  7. "If right-wing means `conservative` he is both ``right-wing`` and ``left-wing``."

    Quite confusing, doesn't it? Maybe the whole classification is obsolete. Traditionally left wing are liberals, that is-for freedom, and yet left wing wage permanent assault on individual rights, freedom and industrial civilization.

  8. If right-wing means `conservative` he is both ``right-wing`` and ``left-wing``.

    If ``right-wing`` means an honest person whose mere purpose is defending individual rights (whether he is an O`ist sense of life or simply good ends---he is not a liberal dictator, this is for sure) he is currently left-wing and was previously right-wing.

  9. "Capitalist pig" Sharon evacuated "socialist" settlers from Gush-Kativ and capitalist all American Nataniyhu supports virtual nationalization of Israeli gas and oil industry but doesn't want to negotiate any further territorial compromises. Is he right or left?

  10. It's amazing that in Israel the difference between left and right isn't related to the socio-economical questions like socialism versus capitalism, but rather to the question of territories and relations with Arabs. "Socialist" (Mapai-avoda) government won 6 day War and doubled Israeli territory. "Capitalist" government of Likud returned Sinai.

  11. However, the initiative of all the philosophic essays (e.g., the one dealing with the proper order of the axioms) and philosophic essays` not bad translation is really appreciated.

  12. Once in a while, only Arad`s aticles.

    It has some quite nice on-the-mark content in the economics field, but somewhat conservative in the foreign policy, maybe because it is the only widespread alternative to the `left` it tries to seem appropriate to any `rightist``s convinctions, but anyway there is no fundamental difference between them.

    [ . . . ]

  13. Hi, Tomer

    Do you read " Anochi"? Pretty exiting stuff!

    I recommend


  14. (I see this every day at home through my young brother who acts as I wouldn`t have this age), and as long as we have such communist parliament members as: Shelly Yechimovitch or Amirr Perez, Israel is probably not the America of the 21st century.

  15. I know the reason for which Objectivists regard Israel as a moral state (Peikoff, Brook, Rand), which is the alternative: an Islamic totalitarianism. But the things are not fundamentally different. As long as people here have the hatred of good for being good at the form of this Islamic culture of ``beating up the nerds for being rational,``

  16. I have heard of no one who succeeded to get over the Sanction of Evil, though as long as they want me to acknowledge that I need their help and I say I am standing beyond my own words I will be the first man I know to, at least at this small high school.

  17. up a given resource he finds a more usable replacement and that the western civilizations have the right to use the middle east`s crude oil for a well-known reason (of Peikoff), as to its being a `religious center,` it will never matter to any future civilization.

  18. © and for sure a geography test in which I wrote that ``dependent population`` robs productive men by means of imprisonment threats, that the ``distinguishing characteristic`` of the middle east is its distance from the sun at a given hour (it need not be characterized culturally to be defined just like Al Di Meola need not: it is an elementary unit, not a concept) and that before man finishes

  19. (B) Many symbols of Islam with the caption of `Arabic is our future` (as the Muslim empire was the greatest civilization in the Middle Ages), the collectivist preachings to the `self-obligation` task that seem to be`intelligent` only to mere idiots,

  20. (a) these placard containing Janusz Korczak (this anti-freedom teacher in Nazi Poland who committed suicide with his Jewish students when they were sent to the extermination camp---saying we must believe that the nature of man will be converted into the will to give his fellow men more than achieve);

  21. At my school (which is a public one), I am to absorb a serious altruistic brain-washing, via all these ``humanistic`` (not humane at all!), in which all I can do to avoid the horrible boredom is doing simple calculus equations or reading PWNI, RM, OM or the LL beyond one`s desk (to not be caught by his teacher of creationism).

    I can merely recall the following recent occasions in it:

  22. Perhaps it is.

    I`ll try to summarize briefly my general conclusions:

    Our prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who should have gotten us out of the socialist muck as a secular `capitalist swine` with a great enlightenment (as opposed to those non-English speaker communist who can turn Israel into a post-modern Muslim U.S.S.R) seems to become a simultaneously liberal and conservative se...

  23. Yes, I remember it was a short drive to the mall - also her apartment is right beside the big synagogue.

    If you find one more O'ist who knows Rehovot, let me know - I'll be amazed.

    How is Israel nowadays?

    A friend, Israeli, who was over there now, says it's a tougher place to live than ever before.


  24. Hey there,

    Glad to have heard that there ARE Objectivists familiar with Rehovot (I haven`t met any of them before).

    P.S., I know Benjamin st.---quite next to the mall, isn`t it?---which is not THAT far from my home.



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