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  1. I currently serve in the IDF as a frontline soldier & rescue squad. Soon I'll also be a squad commander. From a young age I always wanted to serve the most I can... Serving in the IDF is a culture in Israel... even though only 47% of the population really serves, and only 10%-20% serve fronline (="Kravi") soldiers. Serving as "Kravi" frontline soldier is a wanted social archetype , especially if you serve in elite unites special forces, or command roles. Moreover, there is a negative social pressure against individuals who don't serve "Mishtamtim". So serving in the IDF is moral and to your rational self interest, especially if you plan living in Israel. The law of forced army service in Israel is only valid in a crysis situation, which exists in Israel from its first day, more than 63 years. If you do not want to live in Israel- it is altruisem and not moral to serve in the IDF. Currently, Israel IS a socialist & semi religious country. There is a huge protest right now about the fact that It is almost impossible to lead a normal life in Israel... More than 50% of my parants' salary goes to tax! The "strong ecconomy" of Israel is held by a VERY small precentage of the population who carry the burden of the rest of Israelis: unitellegent, uneducated (some even violent) "Atillas", religious mystics and "witch doctors". It could go to one of two direcions- left=socialist welfare state /right=towards freedom and capitalisem. The reason I serve in the IDF is because my parants will not support me if I won't + I want a jewish state to exist... So it is my choice. If Israel will move towards a walfare state and not towards capitalisem, I will leave right after I finish army, if not right away.
  2. The ablity to shift through a set of ideas and either accept them or reject them is a strength and a skill. You don't have to take EVERYTHING the guy says and accept it blindly. Think for yourself. BUT I will tell you this: There are great things you can take from his teachings, And people who try to live up to mental images and complete themselfs by things, are much weaker than people who don't. Stright up. Are you a NEEDY compulsive thinker trying to "complete yourself" by owning things or getting a relationship? Most guys do, and thats why they suck. They are so identified with this stupied sense of self and & ego-sturcture that they got, that they can't even admit that to themselfs and improve, and they live in constant *irrational* fear of people's opinions. Getting to this mental flow state is SO FUCKING EASY that its not even funny. I'm in that state all the time, 'cause the trust I have in my mind- to give me the right thing to say and do when I need it, is not a beilive- but an UNDERSTANDING. Being good with women and with people in general is not something you DO. Its something YOU ARE. Of course you should have a goal in mind. But because your sub-concious does not accept TRYING, thinking liniarlly (goal=>outcome) KILLS YOUR FLOW. it just kills your vibe. BTW this is knowladge from countless sources- including hypnosis seminars (Trust me I know damn good how the mind works), social-dynamics expersts and my personal experience. Holylandman.
  3. I'll summerize Tolle's philosophy by saying "being in the moment"/"Being present". Leave all the new agey bullshit out for a sec 'cause I don't beilive in that too. When you are present your mind does not "stop working". It works all the time. You still rationlize your actions- (people who don't rationalize thier actions get insane). Have you ever had that state were gold was comming out of your mouth and you don't know where it came from? When you just had that FLOW? That flow does not come from liniar thinking. (liniar thinking = goal--> outcome) In that state your faculties are focused in the moment, and your mind cycles through in about a milli-second a million things you can do- and gives you exactly what you need for the situation- and you have to TRUST that process and allow it to happen. People who are not present are stuck at citisizing themselvs, anlyzing the situation, thinking 10 steps ahead, thinking on consequences, labeling....and getting STUCK IN THIER HEAD- resisting the situation and the reality right in front of them. When you are in in the moment, one with the situation, you are not chasing the thoughts, you are not analyzing "what do I do now", "what does this little thing mean", "should I say this?" "what does this say about me?" But the mind is just flouting and there is a flow of action because you COPLETELY TRUST YOURSELF to do and say the right thing. If you are a rational and you already programed your mind *according to reality* with the right values for sucsess- you will do the right thing. Thats why you can just sit their, with no nervousness and self consciousness, completly chill, not analyzing values, not trying to build a flase self image for youself, but focused on the good feeling you have inside your body and trusting yourself. So there is a rational seintific base to it, at least the way I use it. Its not some blind faith in god.
  4. I don't have any familly abroad so no one can sponser me. My phisical condition is too high to serve in technical positions. Altough I might get a "good" role, Or even commanding role- (some elite units already contacted me) The thing is that in order to serve in thouse roles you have to sign for auditional years. A double edged sword. And I am not intrested in that. There is a certain arrangement that you can do with the army here, (And they contacted me too) which is- to go first to a university in isreal- and than go back to the army for 6 instead of 3 years. I don't like this option because thats taking my freedoom for 9-10 years instead of just 3, and I am not sure yet what I want to learn. My parrents don't consider any other option for me than going to the army. They tell me I am "selfish and always care about myself" as if its a bad thing. Thier morality is altruistic and fucked up so there is no reason to talk to them. Well, considering the fact that there is no better option for me at the moment I guess I will join the army. I'll view the army is a challenge and certainly do my best, but as a self standart and not as means to so political/religios/idiological/social cause that I don't identify with, and honestly think is retarded. If I'll feel that I am not growing and getting value out of it, (in other words- wasting my time) I'll leave and deal with all the troubles that comes with it.
  5. Yes, I can go to college or university (I got pretty high grades in highschool). My english is pretty solid so I can also do it abroad. The thing is: In Order to get out of the army you have to basiclly play it mentally crazy. I don't think I get out of the country that easy. I know my familly REALLY won't like it. They are certenly not going to help so I'll have to do that whole think on my own. Will other countries (and esepcially USA) allow me in and give me citizenship? Is there solution to some of these things? And how can I ask/talk to Yaron Brook?
  6. I live in isreal. Which is a socialist-Jewish country. I am an indevidual, I don't Identify with any group or society. I was born to a jewish familly but I am not Jewish, in the sense that I don't bulive in that not even one bit. I am an atheist. According to the "law" here I have to go to the army for 3 years. My familly wants me to go, the governament wants me to go, and most of society wants me to go. An entire country will hate on me if I won't go, My familly won't accept this, and some people won't accept me to jobs here. But If I'll go, I won't be living according to my values. Thats not the life I dream of- finishing army at age 21 with the same ammount of monney, no job, no education, just to live in a socialist-jewish country- Even though I am defently not a socaialist or jewish. My father payes 50% tax rate here, +100% tax on cars. And I say- WHAT FOR?! WHO GETS ALL THIS MONNEY? I won't fullfill a lot of my dreams by living here, and I won't reach my potential... I will be forced to do a job THAT I DIDN'T CHOOSE for 3 years accrording to the "army needs" & work selflessly for a society for an undefined cause. Whatever I will do there, I will do my best as a self standart. Not for anything else. I don't feel connection to the "Isreali jewish society", exept for the "jewish" lable that racists put on us-'cause my mom is jewish. And yep maby there are lots of racists and religios fanatics out there who want to kill me 'cause of that. Its rediculos, Its like making a country just for black people and forcing them all to live a certain way 'cause there are stupied racists in the world who hate on them. Is that a violation of human rights or what?! Will that be Altruizem if I go to the army? I don't think that I will be able to live this way. And how can I deal with it? I don't think that I could be able to LIVE for someone elses sake. It will just kill my spirt. Thank you its very important to me.
  7. I first heard about Ayn Rand from RealSocialDynamics - which is a company who teaches self development, pickup and social dynamics. Besides from their teachings, They recommand 2 sources. 1. Eastren philosophy based concepts, Especially Ekhart Tolle. 2. Ayn Rand. Ekhart Tolle talks about going beyond the mind. He speaks about the ego, the identification with it, roleplaying and some other stuff. Ayn Rand talks about building a good ego-Or in other words, Using your mind the right way. Now how does that applay to "romance"? If you take Ayn Rand's principles you will know what you deserve, how people should treat you and what people you want around you. You will have standarts, a strong reality and a clear way of thinking and looking the world. You will have a clear morality, values and certainty about yourself. But there is a downside to it. And that is- Your emotional system is based on your mind ego and thought. So if you are completlty identified with your mind and ego- You will think that this character you are presenting is who you are- you will react emotionly, get inside your head and start to analize the situation mentally. While this way of being-objectivizem/egoisem can make you extreamlly sucsessfull in other areas of your life, In romance & social dynamics thinking logically is extreamlly counterproductive-'cause there are emotions envolved. 93% of communications is not verbal. There are TONS of subcomunications and microbehaviors that you will never be able to logically understand and see, but they are still there. When you are just trying to chat and bond with a girl sitting there looking into her eyes, you should not be comparing interpreting or judging her words logically. "What does it say about my ego and status? what will my friends think? Is she good at math & english liturature? Is she good at making money?" You are not in a buisness meeting. Just chill, drop the ego and chat- long story short.
  8. I live in isreal. And I know whats happening here: There is no spesific moral code running the country. The purpose of this country is not formally and CLEARLY defined. Add to it the current democratic system and it Lead to much uncertainty. Its this half and half shit. Half democratic Half religios=jewish. Half socialist Half capitalist. Let me tell you about myself so you can get the case: I am 18 years old and in few monthes I will be forced by "law" to go to the army for 3 years. I won't even get paid for this. After that I will probbebly go to the university to get a "well paid" job- but the government will tax 50% of my income. Thats the case with my father. He still wants to live here for some acstract reason (jewish victim identity) and he keeps pushing me to serve the country. I got the highest grades on my highschool- which is MOFET program-and not govroment conrolled. Probeblly the best education you can get here. I think I do have potential... a lot more then most people here. I have been in goveranment conrolled public school for 1 year. And let me tell you- they worship mediocrity. I think for myself, But I am a very rare case here. I do come from a jewish familly but I don't bulive in that, And I don't want to live this jewish victim identity. I am an atheist, an invidual- and I live for my own sake. Not for Isreal. Not for the jewish collective. Not for my familly. Just for me. Selfish. I get pressure from EVERYWHERE to be mediocre and altruist. I have dreams, big dreams- opening my own buisness, traveling the world, living a life of my own design- making moeny.. But if I will continue to live in isreal I will probbley have no chance of getting any of that. So I happened to live in Australia when I was young and I learned english also on my own, IMO my english is perfect and I can live abroad easly. I am planing to leave the country one day. Exept for my familly and friends, Why should I stay here? If I could move to USA or another normal country to work get education there I would leave NOW. But can I? Thats what happening to Isreal. All the tallanted people are leaving. Atlas Shrugged. In few years only looters and stupied unintellegent "faith" and hippie people will be left here. You go out to the streets and see what happens. TONS of people here don't even work. PUBLIC medical system. PUBLIC education. PUBLIC ARMY SERVICE. Got the point right? Most people get their morality from the media and public schools. From a very young age a certain identity, religion and morality is PUSHED upon everyone here by the media, the army and the government controlled schools. And thats the morality of Altruizem. When I graduated highschool they pointed us some local characters who dedicated their lifes for public service and told us how great they are. Whenever some indevidual happens to make something big here, for exmeple to get a noble prize, or open a profiting high tech buisness they tell how great the country is to allow it to him. Alow?! HUH?! I think how the *** did he manneged to do that here? with the 50%+ tax rate, shitty public education and 3years of army service?! ('cause their customers and investors are from USA and the rest of the world, thats why) There is a wierd trend going on here latly and its called "service year". The indevidual takes 1 year of his life beofore he goes to the army and dedicates it to selfless public service. Than after they finish they go into the army for 3 more years of public service. And than at age 22-23 they finish army- with no education, no money and no job. GREAT. The governament and shcools really recommand that BTW. There is also something here called "KIBOTSIM" which are little communist zionist communities inside the country. Most of them collapsed...Thouse who manneged to stay alive did it 'cause of industrialist buisnesses in them. Add to that all the wars going on with the islamic nations, and all the bans on isreali made products. Why Isreal still exists? 'cause a lot of people around the world hate jews. See the holacost in WW2. So the jewish communite supports it. and tallented people dedicate thier lives to it. Ayn Rand was born to a jewish familly, she didn't bulive in that. but she recognizes the sorce of hate for jewish people, and a lot of other problems. Collectives. Unthinking masses. FAITH vs Reason. Altruisem. Rule by FORCE and not by intelect and rationality. I bulive in the same thing. Btw Dr. Yaron Brook who is the persident of Ayn Rand Instetute also comes from a jewish family, and he left isreal-'cause he bulives in the same things. If you tell me 1 way I can escape Isreal and live a life of my own design I am going for it right now.
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