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  1. Just as an individual can be sexually attracted to the same or opposite sex, one can certainly be sexually attracted to both.
  2. I understand what you are stating in the aspect that "that which deviates from the norm is abnormal," (which I would agree with to a certain extent). However, with sexuality, I think homo- and bisexuality have exsisted just as long as humans have. This is a unique trait that we, as complex animals have always possessed. Being that it is consistent in all races, genepools, etc. it applies to all human beings. So simply because something is less common does not always make it abnormal. As my previous example, I stated that red hair is less common than brown hair. It is not abnormal to have red hair though. What would be abnormal would be for an individual to not have a sexuality. To not produce sex cells or the right levels of hormones in their bodies.
  3. I wouldn't even consider it that way. I think human sexuality is far more complex and misunderstood than simply labeling someone as either hetero-, bi-, or homosexual. Just because heterosexuality is far more common in individuals than homosexuality, I still wouldn't consider it "abnormal;" just as red hair is not "abnormal" to brown.
  4. Nude male-oriented magazines/websites and gay porn online is most certainly NOT virtually non-existent. This still doesn't explain how this theory would work in a homosexual relationship. How can two women (who are supposedly both seeking to submit) behave in this way?
  5. Found this article that basically deconstructs the Mormon Bible, The Book of Mormon, bringing to light various obvious fallacies the book presents. The Book of Mormon makes such ludicrous claims it is actually amusing. Has anyone else seen read this or have any opinions? http://www.secweb.org/asset.asp?AssetID=367
  6. I suppose it does matter on the angle it was fired and the actual type of bullet, however it definitely is possible for it to be lethal. Some time ago here in Phoenix, AZ a girl was killed from a falling bullet, and a law was passed (Shannon's law I believe it is called?) which makes it illegal. I thought most places in the U.S. this was an illegal action?
  7. What of a relationship between two men? Or two women? Certainly a man can try to arouse a woman's interest and fail. In that case, nothing will happen either.
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