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  1. My apologies on the gender-confusion. I think that I'm not explaining something that is very obvious, but am having difficulty with the wording. Some of you seem to think, or at least a very express, that this is a violence-ridden home. It is not. I don't necessarily agree with some of the methods that many of you have talked about. I don't damn them by any means. I certainly don't speak to you folks in the manner that you speak to me, though many of you exalt liberal methods that produce questionable results. Yes, I've spanked my son twice in his life. There are two (2) offen
  2. Ok, Brioan0918 was the first post and is a moderator. I assume you know each other somewhat. It was the easiest reference at hand for someone you know being forced into (and concurrently ) out of, well, anything, by the whim of others. It was nothing in regard to his post. Though it had the tone reserved for a judge. Bluecherry - I was referencing the site that was posted. In the website (birthornot.com), they documented multiple attempts to thwart their work, many by those employed by us (the constituents of this country).
  3. Wow! I am genuinely appalled by your responses! For a group of people who claim to be champions of individual rights, about the masses not having a say in the life of the individual, this is poor form. First and foremost, none of us have the right to make a judgement (not to mention a consistently hateful one) about their lives, at all. And the fact that you are so quickly and willing to desire the seizer of the rights of others, is odd. Secondly, what do you think socialized medicine will do? Place decisions of that magnitude in the hands of random others. The response, both here a
  4. This will be simplistic as well, but I have a few questions about your work place before I'd answer. What is your occupation? How long have been doing it? If you don't desire to do your best, what are you counting on?
  5. Honestly - How hard is this? I, an American citizen, at not point, ever, under any condition, will be tried by anything other than the United States Constitution, and to that which it pertains. I don't care what they do in Germany, Israel, China, New Zealand, or the tribes of humanoids that inhabit the area at the bottom of the Congo. Nor any other countries laws that may exist outside of the boarders of this country. Also, I'm well aware of the differences between referencing and subjugating. I will not have our courts even consider anything other than the Laws of THIS country.
  6. Eiuol - Why object to physical punishment? What evidence do you have to support that doctrine? All the present evidence, within statistics as well as interacting with those who were raised that way show that it produces people that I will not allow my son to be. As far as the corner with the arms up, that's something else. You have time-out and whatever other strategies you may employ in the rearing of your children. I have mine. Besides, my 8 year old reads at a Junior level, is trying to get the concept of geometry, is well mannered and well spoken. The results speak for themselves.
  7. Sophia - that was how I was raised. I see no reason to change it when it works as intended. You seem to be responding in the manner that you think I use him like a little punching bag. That, simply, is not accurate. As far as going over the rules and consequences with him, they are on the wall, carved in wood. Also, you write as if this is a common occurrence. It's been needed twice in his life. Also, for your second part. It's not that we don't ever disagree, it's that when one comes up, we talk about it later. Granted, our disagreements typically revolve around where to vacation
  8. Only two actions warrant a spanking, and he knows what those two are. And "lashes," that may be the wrong word. Belt, on behind. It's how I was raised and I turned out well above average. Also, another crucial thing. He never see's his mom and I argue, or disagree, ever. I didn't realize that this wasn't "normal" for most people. In my upbringing, I never, once, at all, saw my parents disagree. An argument? Never. That's how I raise him.
  9. I am an American citizen. In no way, under any conditions, will I be held accountable to Islamic Law. Thankfully, I'm an Oklahoma resident. I do not want it considered, at all, in any form, if my actions within the boarders of this country are ever scrutinized in that arena.
  10. I was raised with two offenses that required the belt. Lying and theft. I earned all 7 spanking/lashings that I received. He's earned the two. I know that Dr. Spock and many liberals think that by sparing the rod you spare the child, but that is not so. There are consequences in life, and he's learning that early on. Also, with strict, objective consequences, very few ever have to be severe. And lastly, with an objective, self-interest oriented mindset, he'll hit the world with few competitors in whatever he endeavors to do. He certainly won't have to compete with drunkards, the unmoti
  11. First and foremost, using Objectivism to raise your children is nothing but stellar. Not only for the positive benefits, but for the consequences and repercussions. One part that sticks out most in your thread is the abolishing of all government agencies, with exception to national defense. What few seem to take from that is that can ONLY happen if every citizen understands that the use of force is unacceptable. So long as men wish to live on terms other then being men, the judicial, the DoC, as well as the Police and other such services are required. As for dealing with unruly chil
  12. That sounds eerily familiar. Having yet to face that actual real world (not to discredit your previous employment), your going to have a few more beatings in the way of realizations of those around you. They, who drown their lives in liquor and the pursuit of the mindless, will, at the drop of a hat, demand that you pay for the deficit of their lives. Not because your as sorry as they, but because you are all that they are not. This is one of the biggest reasons I became self-employeed. I've earned a lovely lifestyle for myself, and no one else's. Though I am charitable (Operation SM
  13. This is unedited. Please continue to hold for the next available missionary. Agent [Kathryn] is ready to assist you. Kathryn: hello Me: Hello Me: How are you? Kathryn: How may we help you? Me: Oh, I'd like to talk about the concept of sacrifice. Agent [Whitney] has joined the chat. Kathryn: ? Me: Sacrifice, the giving of something of value for something that is not desired. Whitney: ok what has made you intrested in that Me: What do you mean? There is a lot of talk of sacrifice in The Book of Morman as well as the Bible. What I'd like to talk about is why sacrifice is required.
  14. Once the world agrees with Obama, it doesn't matter what we think or say........we are wrong by default. SoftwareNerd....I'm looking for it...
  15. What I'm talking about is the attitude that "all taxation is immoral." While the issue certainly can cover federal employees (from the military on to the IRS to the local law enforcement official), I'd like to limit the discussion to just the principal of taxing in this modern world. Like I had said, I'm not going to defend this monstrous money-cyphoning organization, but the principals behind taxation for the proper purpose of government.
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