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  1. Starcraft is about heroes who fight oppressive governments and religious zealots.
  2. Excellent article. Yang was brave to do that in China where people can be locked up for years for "disrupting the social order".
  3. Objectivism does not have an official position on pornography. However, I do not like it because of the psychological (and sometimes physical) damage it does to the actors. Interviews with former porn stars reveal they have a difficult time forming emotional bonds with their lovers because of years of blocking out the effects of oxytocin. And then there is the case of Lara Roxx who contracted AIDS after being in the industry for only three months. Another problem I have with pornography is its frequent degradation of women (ejaculating on their faces, etc.).
  4. No, because you live in a just society that would hopefully catch and prosecute you for doing so. Downloading software you didn't pay for is immoral because you are violating the terms of use set by its creator.
  5. She is not altruistically sacrificing a higher value for a lower value. Objectivists project themselves onto other people and respect their rights as they want their own rights to be respected. Likewise, helping people with psychological/substance abuse problems can be fulfilling. Check out Mr. Chi City's "Make a Difference Monday" series and notice how happy he is:
  6. One factor is that a lot of people speak English from previous British rule so Ayn Rand's works are readily available to them.
  7. Awesome, I've been looking for a response to Rage Against the Machine.
  8. Yes, the website promotes anti-mind propaganda. The evil of racism is that it attacks a man's ability to think for himself, attempting to group him into an organic whole with others (supported by pseudo-biology until the mid-20th century, and "culture" in modern multiculturalism). In his words, "Man is a mammal and subject to the same biological laws as other animals. All animals, including Man, have inheritable behavioural traits. The concept of complete environmental plasticity of human intelligence is a nonsensical wishful-thinking illusion."
  9. Semi-free countries are an obstacle for individualism, but they protect people from a state of complete savagery. A practical aspect of a nation-state is that it is built around a *nation* with a common language. If the United States and Mexico were to become Objectivist countries, it would still be difficult to combine the courts, police, etc. with some officials speaking English and others speaking Spanish. Objectivism is a philosophy for the human race that transcends superficial cultural differences like what you eat for breakfast, whether you shake hands or bow, etc. I met some Objectivists from India once and knew they were my people much more than many of my fellow Americans. Think of the rebellion in Atlas Shrugged in which the producers discard the "obligation" they have towards their fellow countrymen.
  10. Light exists non-contradictorily, separate from human understanding. Because physicists have a contradicting definition of it and contradictions cannot exist, they must change their definitions to eliminate the contradiction.
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