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  1. Do you really think the world is quite as bad as Atlas Shrugged? The major missing ingredient is the existence of a true Jed Starnes and hopefully the world will never see such an attempt. What is going on today at General Motors and such is not quite the same as it is through the expropriation of their property and not its exercise as a right. Inventors are still widely considered to have earned their wealth. The looters code does not include them but its selective application is typically in the case that someone has not earned it. In fact I've noticed even some Objectivists around the n
  2. Civ4 is good because the free market exists in it has a civic and has the greatest virtues. Typically I win by staying ahead in science and trading my technology for immense sums of gold. I dislike the game economy and no longer have the time to play it. It gives the leader regardless of civic choices too much control over the economy and I imagine since this game was written by a worshipper of Statism - a highly unrealistic view of command. Still this game entertained me through my youth. The last strategy game I can remember with realistic economics, finite gold, and generally sensible price
  3. I'd rather see Hellen Keller vs Steven Hawking.
  4. I'll apologize but I am starting to realize a great many people are taking the wrong approach to learn Objectivism. Rather than doing it directly they are doing it on the Internet. They need to read the source material. I see too much of it on Facebook, perhaps I've assumed too much of it here. --- Generally the response is simple: do not just walk past discussions of sexuality by hedonists of any sort. Often when people talk about sex, it is not good. Typically discussions are disconnected from ethics because these people without selfishness have nowhere to turn for ethics - and thus se
  5. I'm tired of repeating myself and yes I can be a bit confusing, I jokingly call it Alan Greenspan disease. Arcane writings and speakings seem to be a second-nature of mine . If that isn't clear enough, I am suggesting that people take sexuality more seriously. You can end up with worse things than Lillian Rearden as a result of just floating along with the mainstream culture. In fact its becoming a pretty big part of culture to assume sometimes that these people thrown in the slammer for borderline jailbait have actually had something nice. It's not good for anyone - except by one stan
  6. Nihilist's rarely fully integrate what it requires because consciously this is basically not possible. Most people who claim this title that I know reject it in the axioms behind other knowledge they are using to exist. Were anyone not to do this they would suffer until deaths end. Yet by surviving in reality and communicating in it they accept the existence of reality - they just refuse to give it much thought. To me it is just an evasion of the effort required to develop a moral code which comes from reality and a conscious effort to avoid the conscious effort of having values. Yet, as axiom
  7. I can easily on a chat community pretend to be a young teenage male and as we all probably know its very easy for a girl to be groomed so can men. Just the grooming is of a different sort. Also the more common anecdotal example I can provide is that young men looking for pornography would look for girls their own age. This comes from child porn sources and lands them smack in the midst of the kind of indoctrination I am speaking of.
  8. I agree with them as well because it is the problem I am finding that these things are done by people who are trying to hide as well. Our culture isn't so backward that if people were caught doing this they would be in trouble. I remember my own childhood, at twenty-three now I remember at about thirteen the usual stuff Chris Hansen goes after. I had just gotten the Internet and was always good with programming. Net Nanny was the first thing to go. This girl talked to me of 18 and years later it occurred to me it probably wasn't a girl. I'll state that I was sexually abused and that man was
  9. I suggest you just take it at face value, which might not be much to you. It will not surprise me if some other individuals have seen some of the stuff around. Considering this is the Internet I can't really provide you with evidence of anything, at all. The place I studied has been removed so at the moment I am at a loss. I will see what I can find, in time, but at the moment I'll admit I don't have much. This is, in terms of numbers not that they should matter if that is how you are taking the word onslaught this is quite small. In terms of opposition nonetheless I can see it becoming a prob
  10. I never said that it was. My point being is that Feminism is one area of knowledge put in the faces of youth; and has been for a while. Now pedophilia is being promoted in a similar way on the Internet. Some examples, well, there is the culture surrounding imageboards and file sharing networks beyond pornography but in the area of indoctrination. Most of us take for granted our own knowledge of sexual ethics without really expressing it. Pedophile ethics spread with little opposition on the Internet. The closest example I can show legally is the stories and literature on www.asstr.org which is
  11. In the field of ethics there is this little discussed and ignored area known as sexual ethics. In discourse sexual ethics is today dominated by pedophiles, feminists, perverts, and “sexology.” In philosophy, feminism and pedophilia are typically influenced by the dominant ethical trend of altruism. Though thankfully, most of us have a sexual ethic based on the mores of society: consent and the ability to reason. In the bedroom however sexual ethics are not ignored, but seldom talked about as they are obvious to anyone through first-hand observations. So typically one might expect that wherever
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