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  1. I have the G1 which I believe was the original android phone (came out in nov. 2008). My contract expires in two months and I will be purchasing the G2 unless I discover a better alternative. Since I found the amount of space provided for apps and games on the G1 to be very small, I rooted my phone so that I could store them on my SD card. All of the options that rooting opens up is what I love about Android.
  2. My opinion doesn't mean as much since I'm new but I'm glad Virtue of Selfishness was what I started with. It is very straightforward and not hard to understand at all. Which of her fiction books have you read already?
  3. I understand that this whole article makes little sense, but this quotation especially confuses me. Is he advocating that you never save money in the bank and always spend it?
  4. Seinfeld is my favorite TV show of all time. The Big Bang Theory is a show that I've started watching recently that I find extremely funny.
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