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  1. *** Split from Rand endorsed Nixon? *** During Nixon’s second election, Ayn Rand declared herself to be an anti-Nixonite for Nixon. In the run-up to the 1972 election, Ayn Rand wrote: "I am not an admirer of President Nixon, as my readers know. But I urge every able-minded voter, of any race, creed, color, age, sex, or political party, to vote for Nixon as a matter of national emergency. This is no longer an issue of choosing the lesser of two commensurate evils. The choice is between a flawed candidate representing Western civilization and the perfect candidate of its primor
  2. I must apologize. I did not mean to denigrate Objectivists. I follow some people who call themselves Objectivists, for example on Twitter, who I think have an unreasonable or excessive -- even obsessive -- dislike of Trump. There is much to criticize but he has some good qualities. But I agree with Objectivism and what Objectivists say. I have some minor disagreements with some issues but I believe Objectivism as a philosophy is sound. Concerning open borders and immigration and Sowell's concerns -- as is usually the case, the conversation is not about the same thing. No one is aga
  3. I have come to the conclusion that Objectivists are nutty. I have been following Objectivists for a long time. I have tried to make sense of some of their positions and have concluded that there IS no sense to them. To wit: Open borders even if that would destroy America. Elect Democrats. They would destroy America and out of the ashes Capitalism would be reborn like in Atlas Shrugged. It would not happen that way. Donald Trump is a racist because of Charlottesville and everything else. Wrong. Trump is an evil dictatorial Nationalist. This is partly true (only partly)
  4. The application of a principle involves a context. This is a difference between rationalism and objectivism. If you have a principle of “there should be open borders” then the existential context should be part of what that actually means in practice -- should there be any specific policies enforced by the government concerning border control. I agree that “open borders” is a valid principle. If the predominant political principle of individual rights is respected world-wide, then borders would be largely irrelevant. But, there are some contextual details that should be considered r
  5. What many people ascribe to racial difference are really cultural. One culture may have different values concerning education or life ambitions, such as working hard early in life to create long term values. This would also include attitudes towards working. If people in a culture generally believe that working necessarily involves employer exploitation, that would greatly influence to the attainment of long term goals. Thus different cultures have different levels of prosperity in the same geographical region. But don’t confuse that with race. Of course, when we are talking about cultu
  6. I am not sure that Ayn Rand ever stressed "The right to the pursuit happiness" given that the right to life is the fundamental right. The rights to liberty and property as you say are necessary for the right to life. Jefferson revised Locke's right to property to the right to the pursuit of happiness. I don't know if he or anyone elucidated on his rationale for this. I would say that the right to the pursuit of happiness is a wider concept from the right to property in that it includes the such things as the right to free associations, free speech, pursuit of leisure activities, etc. that are
  7. Thanks JASKN. I completely agree with you. I am going to think about this some more.
  8. I have always been uncomfortable with the statement 'If *you* want to help *them*, *you* will not be stopped.' To put the statement another way: 'We would want to stop you but we would not.' Isn't this a rather rude, dismissive and mean-spirited attitude? When talking about the poor, it is a floating abstraction with platitudes such as 'We have do do something about the poor'. Or, 'We must evaluate a society by how it treats its poor'. It is important to break down what is meant by the poor. There are many reasons or categories of poor. What people really mean by the poor is one way
  9. Many objectivists say that they would vote for Obama over a candidate like Santorum. If I remember correctly, many or most Objectivists stated that they would rather vote for John Kerry or Al Gore over George Bush. The common thread is that Santorum and Bush are acknowledged Christians. Ayn Rand characterized the left as "mystics of muscle" and the right as "mystics of spirit." I agree that both the left and the right do not consistently advocate for freedom and that each wants to control those aspects of life that they believe are metaphysically important. But here we are with the left
  10. Human life is not guaranteed. A successful life requires using one's reason to identify those things in reality that will nourish one's life and taking those actions necessary to gain them. These things are values. Basic values of life are food, clothing and shelter. Other values including family, religious beliefs and recreation satisfy spiritual needs. Virtues are values of character. Character reflects a person's commitment to rationality in relation to reality, other people and his or her own thinking processes. For example, honesty is the policy of being true to the facts of rea
  11. Good replies. I wasn't aware of other mentions of this issue in Objectivist literature. Thanks.
  12. Ayn Rand emphasized the evils of altruism in much of her writing. It seems to me that she and other Objectivists did not discuss much about the opposite of altruism. I know that she would say that the opposite is rational self-interest or as the book is titled: "The Virtue of Selfishness." I have no quarrel with these terms; they emphasize that life is the standard of value and the ethical standard is for the individual to work for his own life and happiness. But in another sense, there are ethical principles to be considered concerning relationships with other people. Altruism takes the
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