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    Rand on Sports

    Thanks for all your replies, especially dream_weaver's quotations. I'm still on the hunt for a quote on whether Rand explicitly opposed (or did not oppose) being a sports fanatic, particularly when it comes to supporting one's school or local team over against other schools and teams.
  2. quinp

    Rand on Sports

    On the Volokh Conspiracy, David Bernstein said: Rand ... indirectly persuaded me that caring about the success of strangers on sports teams that happen to carry the name of my city or school is a waste of time. This freed up thousands of hours for other endeavors more directly related to my own life. (I’m not an evangelist about this; if you enjoy rooting for sports teams, and think the opportunity costs are worth the enjoyment you get out of it, more power to you.) I asked him what passage(s) convinced him of this. I thought I had heard of or read such a Randian passage that dealt with the topic, but some say Rand never wrote such a thing. He replied: I'm pretty sure that Rand actually wrote somewhere that one can properly enjoy sports to watch athletic greatness, but that rooting for a particular team is irrational. But it wasn't a particular passage that did it, it's the overall idea that one should aspire to one's own greatness (or as great as one can be), and not be a "second-hander." Can you help me get more specific? Where might I find some relevant passages?
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