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    My name is farhan bukhari and i like to discuss different scientific theories. I belong from Pakistan.
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  1. Hello Sorry i have left this forum but i wants to respond. Please first visit http://www.gravitycontrol.org/forum/index.php?topic=394.0 then i will respond to your arguments and suggestions. I hope you wil find many things very clear and positive.
  2. I have seen many pic. and videos of different NASA missions for MOON. I have noted some similarities in these photos and videos, Size of the shadow remains the same in every video In day time the back ground remains always black and few stars appear shining in the background, which is quite against to the day time on the earth, as we see every thing bright on the earth in the presence of sun light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PimI6HRlKjQ In the above link video we can see a man is struggling to walk on the surface of the moon and this causes the dust to lift above the ground. After lifting from the surface it settles down very quickly as it does on the earth surface. I think if a massive man is struggling to walk on the surface then the dust should also travel some distance or take some time to settle down on the surface because the weightlessness behavior should be valid for both if there is any such behavior. In a free fall of feather and hammer both fall at the same rate on the ground if we consider this correct then what causes the hammer to slow down its speed in free fall on the moon? Please correct me may be i am wrong and fails to understand the basic concept
  3. Calculated value of force between Earth and Moon is 2.1233E20 N approx and between Sun and Moon is 4.351E20 N approx. which is much higher than the force between Earth and Moon. Then how is the solar system working and existing in the light of Gravitational force? It is quite illogical and false to explain the Solar system through Gravitational force. By keeping in mind how can you justify and balance the force between Earth, Sun and the Moon when there is a total eclipse of Sun or in normal conditions. My point of view is about the possesion of moon when it is in between Sun and Earth.
  4. Galileo was the first man who told us about the behavior of falling objects having different weight. Galileo dropped a cannon ball and wooden ball from the top of the Tower of Pisa. This story is apocryphal, while some of his earlier predecessors actually performed this experiment, and found in fact a slight difference in the time the two balls struck the ground. Although the Leaning Tower of Pisa is there but no one successes to do it again. There is only one possibility available for both balls fall down at the same time when both have the same densities, otherwise there should always a difference in the time.
  5. I just trying to correct the this misconception in science. I do not have any resourses to disprove .I can just discuss it on different forums.
  6. I just trying to correct the this misconception in science. I do not have any resourses to disprove .I can just discuss it on different forums.
  7. I just trying to correct the this misconception in science. I do not have any resourses to disprove .I can just discuss it on different forums.
  8. I just trying to correct the this misconception in science. I do not have any resourses to disprove .I can just discuss it on different forums.
  9. But i also believe no one get this prize due to gravity. This is not my aim to show any one inferior.My basic point is that there is always some cousion of improvement .Due to this improvement we are achieving and getting a new aspects in science every day.
  10. Gravity is the "force" that implements containment by existence. Without containment by existence, you are out of this world. You can't base a theory of physics solely on local, directional interactions, you must have a global containment to create systems. (This is true conceptually too, but that is a much more involved topic.) - David I agree with you David Let 's take an example Took a pipette and filled it with water then hold it by putting the thumb on the top of the pipette.You 'll see the water will never fell down although the gravity is there then what is the factor that is controlling the water in the pipette Actually the water that is traped in the pipette is suspended due the air.Air is a refrence medieum in this earth.When we closed the top of the pipette the connection of the water with the air became vanished and the water became suspended in the pipette because there is no more refrence medieum or force according to the 1st law of motion.When you remove your thumb from the top after that the water will fell down very quickly ,air pushed the water that is the real refrence medieum. In this experiment ,some more factors are also involved but essence is the diffrence in densities of object and the medieum.
  11. In this universe every positively charged object will attract the negatively charged object and the same charged object will repel each other e.g if you rub a comb with a cloth it will be negatively charged then closer a piece of paper it will be attracted by the comb same is the case with Cavendish experiment
  12. very funny Dr. Abdull Salam won the Nobel prize in Physic.From here you can measure our caliber and approach in Physic.We do not read the science just like a story or a holy subject that can never be changed or modified. Try to prove your objection on my theory through knowledge and examples
  13. English is not the officaj language of Pakistan our offical language is Urdu
  14. U are misunderstanding the core concept of the theory My theory based on two things Density Pressure In case of mouth air ballon is under the influnce of atmospheric air.As the densities of the atmospheric air and the air which is present in the ballon are almost the same thats why ballon remain on the earth. And in case of water,the affecting medieum is water not the gases because the stone that is falling in the water already coming after crossing the air.when it crosses the medieum of air it will enter in the next medieum that is water now.if the density of the object is less than water it will float on the surface of water e.g paper if it is more dense then it will penetrate into the water just like stone
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