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  1. If you all only knew. She also sings and plays guitar too. I had the great pleasure of listening to Elle play both of them and sing for me on a wonderful saturday in October. I will never forget it. Thank you, Elle.
  2. *shrugs* Two words: Love yourself. *wonders about everyone's interpretation of that statement, and perhaps it's literal meaning and what it implies* Let me know if you want to talk about this, we'll sit down some time and chat about it. I didn't know you thought this much about dating, and let me tell you, if you turn out anything like your older brother (me), you will have a very hard time finding someone worthy of you, let alone someone you desire. I would share with you how I managed it, finally, if it's something you'd like to hear. E-mail me sometime, or call and find out when I'm free and we'll meet for food and talk it over.
  3. I think I understand. Thanks for your help. 4:30 in the morning isn't a good time to have at philosphy I've decided. When I re-read the things I've said, I tend to laugh. I love myself.
  4. wait wait wait... perhaps then something can only be "unconditional" or "absolute" in the physical relm? Because whether or not it is a "moral" standard... when you enter into the metaphysical relm.. you always apply standards.. there is always the question... "by what standard?" At which point whatever standards you apply, then become the root condition? Then you get into the whole standards talk... but is it true to say that an absolute can only exist in physics? not metephysics?... metephysics requires a set of standards.. conditions........ I apologize... everyone.. i'm so lost. This is rare for me, but.. boes anyone know what I am talking about?
  5. Thanks Stephen. It's refreshing to be wrong. Gives me something to accomplish. Thanks again
  6. The term "Unconditional" is a contradiction. Nothing is unconditional. There is always a condition when considering a term: the definition. A is A. I might think that an appropriate definition for the word “unconditional” would be: nothing exists.
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