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  1. I believe that a second Obama term will lead to total destruction of the dollar. He will never stop deficit spending even when the only way to continue is to print money.
  2. I want to leave the country until this schizophrenic is out of office.
  3. I agree with that logic. On the other hand, another Obama term may be America's coup de grace.
  4. Canada and Australia haven't been able to get themselves in nearly as much trouble with debt because they don't have reserve currency status.
  5. Also, what error of cognition causes Republicans to believe that they support the free market even as they push for larger and larger government?
  6. What error of cognition causes a person to blame problems caused by government on the free market? Since we obviously have a mixed economy, not capitalism, it seems that this misconception must result from having a distorted perception of reality. My best observation is that the thought process of a typical leftist often substitutes people for facts, which mentality Ayn Rand discussed in her essay "The Missing Link." Since the typical leftist associates Republicans with capitalism, he conflates Republican political leadership with having a capitalist economy. Is this correct, or is there a better explanation?
  7. I didn't follow the case, but it scares me that so many people can feel so certain about her guilt if there wasn't enough evidence to convict her in court.
  8. This is a hypothetical scenario and I am not a drug trafficker. But if a drug trafficker gets caught and the government offers him favorable treatment in exchange for information about others, is the trafficker justified in "snitching" to save himself? It seems to me that he is, and that the government is the guilty party and is responsible for violating the rights of whomever it imprisons. But I want to run my theory by a panel of experts before I go on record saying this IRL.
  9. The irrationalist denies the self-evident so there is no point in arguing with him. Direction your energy toward reaching rational people.
  10. I think that's a flawed analogy. An apartment complex isn't a platform used to spread ideas.
  11. Whoever founded that site must be a software developer.
  12. It seems to me that Austrian thinkers invoke important parts of Objectivist philosophy, although they don't always explicitly identify them. For example, Austrians generally observe scrupulous respect for the Law of Identity, rarely or never conflating concepts, but never actually mention the law itself. There is also a lot of overlap between the Austrians' "praxeology" and the Objectivist epistemology, both of which hold that reason is man's proper guide to action.
  13. I haven't used it in years, but it made my imagination run wild, music sound better and everything seem funny. The first time I got really high was like an orgasmic explosion of hilarity. As it turned out, a lot of the things that seemed hilarious when I was high were utterly stupid. The last time I used was the night I heard about the death of a celebrity who died of a drug overdose. The experience went downhill real fast and I spent the rest of the day terrified that I was going to die and burn in hell for eternity. I stopped smoking after that.
  14. If you're building someone's website, you're helping to propagate his ideas. What factors would come into play in determining whether you should keep the job? For example, if the company builds websites for both a good person and a bad person, does the positive influence help negate the negative influence?
  15. Suppose that one works for a company that creates and maintains websites for its clients. Suppose that the company's clientele include some of the most vile talk radio hosts and medial pundits in America and that part of your job includes maintaining a website for someone like Keith Olberman, Al Sharpton or Ann Coulter. Must this person quit his job?
  16. I can tell Rand is getting popular when I see videos like that emerging every day to ridicule her.
  17. I'll be voting for Ron Paul regardless of his age, so if enough people do the same we'll get him in.
  18. I'm concerned that the ad promotes a false association between Ayn Rand and Republicans. I even read an article today where the author called Paul Ryan's budget proposal the "Ayn Rand budget": http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/04/paul-ryan-ayn-rand-budget-bible-faith-freedom-conference_n_871387.html Nevertheless, it's a sign that Objectivism is making progress that liberals feel threatened enough to run ads like this.
  19. If an entity acquires property by illicit means, is its claim to ownership valid?
  20. I would rather that we weren't involved in any wars currently because of our financial condition.
  21. Is it immoral to drive over the speed limit if I can easily do so without endangering myself or others? While I have total respect for safety, I still find it difficult to stay within the prescribed speed limits on some roads because the limits seem unnecessarily and even painfully slow. I have recently accumulated hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets for driving at speeds that seemed perfectly reasonable and safe under the conditions, and my reaction is to be furious at the government for sticking me with outrageous fines for exceeding arbitrary speed limits. I understand that the government has to establish laws for driving conduct as long as it controls the roads, but I believe that it often does a very poor job of setting appropriate speed limits and an even worse job of appropriately punishing people who violate them, and that these factors largely invalidate my speeding tickets. Am I right to be angry at the government, or am I really in the wrong for violating the traffic laws?
  22. I would like to bomb Iran, but I fear that we're too vulnerable financially.
  23. I will be supporting Ron Paul because he is the only one who understands the gravity of our financial situation and the only one who understands the cause of the crisis and the solution. I also credit him with being the driving force behind the recent resurgence of interest in Austrian economics. It was because of his 2008 presidential campaign that I became interested in politics and economics, and subsequently found my way to Objectivism. While not a perfect exemplar of liberty, I believe that the net effect of his influence is very positive.
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