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  1. Interestingly I knew one such guy in my primary school days! I was and still am very reserved and quiet which for some reason is regarded as being "depressed" or "sad". This guy was quite loud, obnoxious and liked to push people around. But for some reason he felt the need to act nice towards me which I frankly found annoying since I knew what kind of a person he was. Other people were asking me why I'm "always alone" then and I explained just explained to them- somewhat amused that it really doesn't bother me. But in this case I just ignored him because I couldn't stand his hypocrisy. Seems I went on a bit of a tangent there! But I'm not about to delete half of what I wrote... so here it is
  2. And if she was still alive and in public it would make it harder for people to strawman her.
  3. I don't think they could do that if the island was built in international waters.
  4. Yes as I think about it you're absolutely right! So just forget I said anything. Well I think that depends on who's going to be on the island.
  5. So as you might have heard Peter Thiel has invested in a free market island. http://www.digitaltrends.com/international/paypal-founder-peter-thiel-funds-bioshock-esque-project-to-construct-floating-sovereign-nations/ My only concern is that it will not be able to defend itself since other countries will probably have much larger armies. Now ideally... alot of the rich would move to that island that could potentially grow larger (as in more square miles) and leave the hippies, socialist, communists, middle-of-the-roaders to rot. Conversely if the do something wrong these same people will proclaim that free markets failed. What do you think?
  6. Thank you all for the answers thus far! And just to be clear, I probably would help someone drowning I am merely debating if you must help him and if it should be enforced by law. I've cleared that up with him already so that now he understands (I think) the difference between helping someone who's drowning and not crashing in to someone. He then hastened to give me a comprehensive example where you have to pull up your car to prevent two other cars from crashing and asked me if that would be slavery. I could be wrong here but I said that you don't HAVE to stop and that it shouldn't be enforced if you're not at fault. I don't quite agree... If ambulances were private the company wouldn't HAVE to save everyone they could... it would probably be in their interest but they wouldn't be forced to. Yes that's what I told him... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The debate was continued today... He stated that he thinks it's ones duty to help someone who's about to die and that he has no problem enslaving people for those rare cases. When I asked him to explain why he thinks it's ones duty he merely said that those are his "arbitrary axioms" ( ) He continued to state that we all only have arbitrary "axioms" (I think he doesn't understand the term) and that they should be tested pragmatically. So he's basically saying that there's no harm in enslaving people for "just a little" and I have a hard time providing an argument against it. Well I do say that man can only survive by reason therefore he needs the freedom to choose... but he just keeps pushing the statement that there's no harm minimal enslavement.
  7. had a debate just recently that started on the topic of FDA and ended up on the issue whether you must legaly help someone who's dieing. In the case of someone drowning I argued that you don't HAVE to save them since making that a must would mean enslaving yourself to him. That was the first example he brought up... After that he asked if you have to avoide an accident (in the case of driveing a vehicle that would not be harmed in the case of the crash not being prevented) when the other driver was driving on the wrong lane. It's not really an exact match since in one of the cases you're involved in the accident and in the other you are not. (Well to that he said "If you made the pool of water in which he was drowned you are involved") Any thoughts? And sorry for the rambling.
  8. At first I thought I agreed with the chinese mother. And don't worry I'm not a parent yet. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704111504576059713528698754.html (It has two parts)
  9. Well, you asked for it... ((Yes this is why I didn't thumb it up)) But I didn't think about the option that he didn't know and that that's what he sincerely meant.
  10. Watching this video I actually expected much worse since he did a really crude video about her before. But watching it I almost pressed the "like" button. Well until the last thing he said... but oh well.
  11. But even what they want is achieved with capitalism not with communism
  12. Meanwhile they have one financial crisis that they THINK was caused by capitalism and they're screaming how it had its chance...
  13. I know his politics and ethics are disastrous... I'm just looking at this video specifically. And yes I've seen his debate with Lee Doren and his (thunderfoots) tactics were pretty low. But I like him for the fact that he doesn't just go after christians but also muslims. Other atheists on youtube seem to just attack creationists mostly because it's "cool".
  14. I'm just wondering what you people think about the Iranian coup... it might be lack of information but wouldn't that make America the one that started the war? This comment isn't ment to be snark... I'm just genuinely curious. I already asked this in the Osama thread which was admittedly a bit of topic. At this point I'm really confused about the war on terorism and I would like to get it cleared up.
  15. Does anyone have a link to this last debate... I didn't catch the streaming.
  16. I'm just wondering what you people think about the Iranian coup... it might be lack of information but wouldn't that make America the one that started the war? This comment isn't ment to be snark... I'm just genuinely curious.
  17. Hm... maybe we should keep him occupied with stuff like this so he can't do more damage.
  18. Funny how the telegrapth didn't ruin our grammer.
  19. I found an old acquaintance that moved to America on facebook... I don't think I would have without it.
  20. I dnt sea tht atall! But seriously I think that kind of talk is just for facebook, msn etc. Could you explain? "Friend" is just a label for contacts on facebook.
  21. Oh... Sorry, but I know a lot of people who would have said that with a straight face.
  22. Well... I don't listen to his music but I don't HATE him?
  23. I think it might be something similar to people that put alot of time and energy in hateing Justing Beiber, Lady Gaga and such. They don't want to be "mainstream"...
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