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  1. At the job fair I recently attended, I was impressed with some of the information they gave out. They were one of the few districts that seemed to market academic achievement. You'd think everyone would, but no. Most of the slogans were things like "Respect, Diversity, Honor" .. or some variation. HISD (Houston, not Humble or Huffman) at the job fair was downright rude. I honestly don't even know why they were there. They wasted my time. They wouldn't accept a resume until you had created a user account on their website and submitted an application. Who wants to work for an impers
  2. Sometime within the next month or two, I'm hoping to interview with several of the school districts around town. I recently attended a job fair and talked to about 20 different districts. Other than brief conversations, the marketing packet they hand out, and the myriad of websites for each district, I have very little "real" information about the various districts. The state's rating system is not helpful, since it can widely misrepresent a district. Humble ISD was recently ranked unacceptable because the district failed to record their dropout rate correctly. Additionally, the rating
  3. For five star dining I highly recommend Chez Nous in Humble. It's tucked away in a very small suburb of the old town and if it weren't for the cars parked all over the place, you wouldn't even think it's a restaurant. Excellent menu of French and American cuisine. While it has a weird name, they have the most fabulous chocolate mousse dessert called "Chocolate in a Bag". As for downtown (re: birthday) dining, I'm always open to cuisine when it comes to fine dining. I've never found myself suddenly finicky in such a restaurant. So really, I'm curious about a great restaurant (evening a
  4. Magnificent! I'll have to take a leisure ride out there soon. Speaking of great views, I'm preparing to make arrangements for my birthday and I'd like to have dinner downtown. A while back (well over ten years ago) I remember having a very nice meal several stories up inside One Shell Plaza. Does anyone have any dining recommendations downtown that are in the high rises? (Maybe this should be a new post?)
  5. I'm curious about this comment. Perhaps it is different for males and females so I won't attempt to generalize that far. However, if an explicit conversation were to take place about lacking values and the person actually changed to the required effect, would this really make you (anyone willing to post) more interested in the other person? Or perhaps would it cause you to think that this is a person who didn't achieve important values on their own and is still not worthy? I guess I'm curious if anyone really would be "re-interested" in a person who managed to change some undesirable aspec
  6. Nice. Each day I commute from Kingwood to Clear Lake/League City. It's two hours of my day, round-trip, so to keep myself from going nuts, I like to switch my route every now and then. Occasionally I'll go over 610 through Pasadena or over the Sam Houston toll bridge. I have to admit that going over the industrial parks at night is one of my favorite parts to the otherwise monotonous drives. (Seeing the sunsets behind downtown is another.)
  7. Pachebel's Canon in D was my first favorite. Bach's Cello Suite no. 1 (prelude) was currently featured in Master and Commander. Love it! Strauss's "Emperor's Waltz" always makes me dance. Vivaldi's Concerto for 2 Trumpets in C Major is lively and upbeat. Respighi's "Pines of Rome" is wonderfully majestic. Handel's "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" is a very quick and light piece. Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" paints a wonderful story. Stravinsky's Firebird suite is also a favorite of mine. And the possibly-authored-by Jeremiah Clarke, "Trumpet Voluntary" is positively regal and still
  8. My family moved to Houston when I was 2 and a half years old. I do not remember anything before that time and my time spent at college has been shared between Lubbock and Clear Lake. I'll be 29 in December, so, I'd like to think I qualify for that bumper sticker, "I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could". As for houses, Kingwood (all the older communities at least) was masterplanned so that no two houses would look identical next to one another. So in the older neighborhoods there is a wonderful mix of house styles. One house on our street has a French estate look to it w
  9. Hello I'm up in Kingwood, about 30-35 minutes north of the downtown area. I've lived here almost my entire life and while I rather like the people, I don't care for the summer weather With that, happy fall to ya'll!
  10. OismForever, I don't want to sound rude but your post irks a little of trolling. Are you suggesting that anyone who likes horror movies is automatically irrational? The implication that people who want to be viewed as rational by others (since you have offered a quote against another) should only seek out entertainment that they know ahead of time to be consistent with their view of life, seems to be an over-generalized condemnation of the ability to make judgments across all sorts of ideas and genres. A person who likes horror films may have several reasons. He may enjoy cinematic
  11. Yes. When I was very young, perhaps between the ages of 8 and 11 I woke up one evening and began thinking about "not being around anymore" and was filled with dread. A young child's normal contemplation on life. I do not still experience such an overwhelming separation. The idea (as explained below) is still upsetting to me, but not in such a way that it hinders my life in any way. This does not match up with my thoughts and subsequent fears of death. When I was very young, I became quite upset about death for two reasons. 1) I would no longer be myself. I did not l
  12. One of my favorite female characters is Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic. I was delighted to see a strong willed female lead that's still quite realistically human. How she approaches situations is a very nice blend between heroine and attractive lead. There are other female characters (and male) around her that fit more snugly into the traditional stereotypes. (The little synopsis on the website posted is a tad too short to reveal her wonderful character development across 24 episodes.) If you want to go completely off the handle for interesting females, check out Golden Boy. I gu
  13. I realize it's a tad past fall, but would it be possible to request a specific thread/post be deleted? My reasons are as follows: 1) There were no responses. 2) I am the original author. 3) The post contains an unabridged copy of an academic paper (written by me) and I would like to ensure it is not plagarized at a later date. 4) The post is about 9 months old. If so, I would greatly appreciate the removal. http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.php?showtopic=2708
  14. No one has mentioned it yet but I highly recommend one to everyone. The anime that had me hooked for life was the first OAV I ever saw: Gunbuster It was made by Gainax and is, in some ways, the granddaddy of shows like FLCL (Not just because they're both made by Gainax, but because they represent a "blowing off of animation steam" by the creators). Gainax originally wanted to make a series that made fun of all the stereotypes being pumped out, but eventually the project took on a bigger scope. The result is a six movie set that begins somewhat light-heartedly and ends with an astoundingly
  15. Appeal to local businesses for donations (advertising for them, stuff for students). Depending on the items offered you might want to consider having a raffle or a silent auction. How that is related to Objectivism depends on how you advertise the event. "Profitable businesses donate more!" (That might be cheesy, but hopefully you get the idea) Non-Objectivist related is to have a food-sale that is unique and widely appealing. Ice cream is always a huge hit (and apparently equally loved by both the sexes!) and could probably be resold at a tidy profit. Another idea might be to see if
  16. There are spoilers in this post. I love Dahl's books but I admit I have not read CC&tCF yet. This leaves me with a question. In the original story, is there a subplot about Wonka having an "evil dentist father"? That was absolutely the worst part of the movie and really killed my enjoyment. Instead of Wonka making chocolates because he really loves them, it's turned into the quasi-psychological (and horrible to watch) sad story about oral torture devices. As for Tim Burton's take on the movie, I honestly think it was just totally overdone at points. The "poor shack" Charli
  17. The following post has spoilers. One aspect of the movie that I think bears consideration is the cross examination of the neurologist. (Not the university doctor.) Essentially, he was asked what he would have done differently and his answer consisted of force feeding the girl and subjecting her to electroshock therapy. Witnesses tried to make it clear that her condition did not improve (and some argued that it even worsened) by the addition of the anti-seizure/psychotic drug. Additionally, Emily was apparently lucid enough at times to voluntarily decide for herself to remove herse
  18. I'm just guessing that you have not seen Saw. (If you haven't, this should not be read as a recommendation.) Sin City was visually appealing for the most part. The cinematography was somewhat refreshing, but not as good as it probably could have been. While I have not read the graphic novels, I think the interweaving of the plots could have been much better. By the end, it's just like watching four separate stories that really have nothing to do with one another, other than the fact that they all happen in the same proximity. [spoilerS] Some of the violent scenes benefited from the
  19. I am finishing up a degree in the Humanities (history, literature, and a bit of philosophy) with the goal to become a teacher, preferably for the fourth and/or fifth grade. I'd either like to work in a Montessori school or possibly start a private tutoring business. On the side, I currently work with young autistic children as a private therapist. Most of the programs I have worked with incorporate behavioral therapy for the children who are more severely afflicted. However, as much as possible, I use traditional methods (adhering strictly to hierarchies of knowledge) to teach the chil
  20. I have never, ever been an advocate of teachers that use attendance policies or purposely waste the time of students with examples such as the above, simply to teach them "a life lesson". Both are incredibly insulting. For the college professor, the purpose of the class should be to teach the subject, not waste a student's valuable time. A project that takes three days of your time should absolutely be relevant to the material of the course and it is wholly understandable that students should be up in arms over such an atrocious misuse of their time. Lisa VanDamme touches on this very ar
  21. Moose, One other idea you might consider before launching into this endeavor is the philosophical climate of the university itself. If the entire administration (as shown by how the by-laws and such are written) is heavily weighted on one side, even with all the evidence you gather, you might simply be rewarded with a hefty "so what?" As I drive into my university each day, there's a sign out front that reads "Predatory Wildlife Warning: Snakes, Deer, Spiders, Alligators.." and two more creatures. The whole thing is set on a bayou, so apparently they've taken pains to preserve the happ
  22. As I explained above, I have a requirement for U.S. history courses to get my degree. At the beginning of the semester, after attending the first class I searched for an alternative. None that would fill the requirement fit into my schedule. As troubling as this course is, I'm not willing to defer my graduation an entire semester for one class. But yes, I wish I could walk out every single week.
  23. (I'm a female) When I entered my university of choice, I was interested in joining a group that was basically a sorority (just not Greek). The pledges and I had learned that the year prior, this group had been busted by the university for hazing new recruits in the form of a "light hearted kidnapping". Essentially, the girls who they intended to accept were yanked out of their dorm rooms in the middle of the night (all freshmen are required to sleep on campus), in their nightclothes along with a pair of underwear, and taken to some location for activities, which were never divulged. Stil
  24. I'm heading into the midterm of this class. For those interested, here's an update of what's been going on. I was briefly encouraged when I found that for her lectures, she lays out terms on the board ahead of time and discusses them in an orderly fashion. Unfortunately, this particular teacher can't manage to talk about white men or capitalism without spitting fire. She doesn't even attempt an ounce of objectivity when it comes to discussing history. I've never met another teacher, in any subject, who was quite so blatantly biased. My last class was about the economic situation during
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