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  1. Thank you all who took the time to answer my questions. Especially for directing me towards the correct readings. OPAR has been recommended to me before, but I have not had the opportunity to purchase it yet. I realize the original post is probably a "philisophical mess", but I figured if I listed the context from which I heard the ought/autonomous statement, it might make more "sense". This makes a great deal more sense to me than the odd idea that ethics somehow just exist on their own. Will do! When listening to the positions of Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism, they didn'
  2. Salutations all. I'm still very new to Objectivism, and have not yet had the chance to read many of the basic materials, so if this seems like a question with an obvious answer, I do apologize. I'm currently taking a course on ethics, which I love. It only seems to be an overview of various absolutist theories (checking validity and soundness of the main argument of each), but since we're covering about 9 different systems in 3 months, I don't have a problem with that. Recently, our professor said something that somewhat made sense ... but I don't think it's true. To give a short ba
  3. I must agree! Law and Order is definitely a favorite show. Instead all the crime scene dramas that glorify the horrible, I really get a thrill out of seeing a case go to completion. Jack McCoy is a wonderful character I totally agree. I still love animation and still get the same ribbings. "That's only for 8 year old boys..." I don't know if it's rationalizing to say this, but I do think there are reasons for enjoying cartoons on their own merits. Art is only limited by the artist. A cartoon character looks as he should and acts as he should. No accidental blunders by a poor acto
  4. Oh fantastic! The university I'm attending does not have a linguistics major (or even classes) but the more I read about language structures and such, the more interesting it becomes. As a part time job for the past 2 years, I've been working as a private tutor with Autistic children. (Modified ABA style) Their language progression is sometimes so slow that it forces me (and other therapists) to rethink the process of acquisition. Perhaps in the future I'll have a structured opportunity to study linguistics, but are there any "beginner" books you would recommend? I basically live in Ho
  5. (I don't understand the reference to Mr. Branden..) But thank you all for your greetings. At least on the forum I have received a very cordial welcome. I can't say the same about the chat room. It was not a pleasant experience for a first time user of IRC to be kicked and banned in the course of one conversation without provocation.. Nor was it pleasant to be insulted with demeaning comments, and be called a pragmatist, fascist and something like a "ketchup passer to murderers" (This was after I made it clear that I do not fully understand the philosophy and am attempting to learn) Ho
  6. Salutations all. I'm fairly new to Objectivism, but have been told that my sense of life is fairly close to the philosophy. I've been reading articles here and there and recently purchased The Voice of Reason (currently about half-way through). So far, I seem to agree with ..oh.. maybe 90-95% of the philosophy. Many of my hang-ups deal with specific semantics as applied to Objectivism. I have a strong interest in language and linguistics as it is, so finding the right words and understanding what specific words are supposed to mean are very important to me. I do not yet refer to
  7. Salutations everyone. I'm very new here, and somewhat new to Objectivism as well. My inquiry into the philosophy is quite serious, so I would like to posit the same question, though hopefully with more substance. The idea of "animal rights" is one of a few hang-ups I have (or would like to overcome) before accepting Objectivism as my full-fledged standard. Growing up in the 80's, I was subject to more than my fair share of trendy environmentalism. I even had a "save the dolphins" necklace at one point. I've been trying to understand the philosophy with the help of a friend, and so far,
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