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  1. Unfortunately, the Ayn Rand Bookstore no longer has "Ideas and revolution - Locke and America, Rousseau and France" from John Ridpath. I'm looking to buy a CD copy, or I'd gladly lease yours.
  2. I have just listed 22 lectures, mostly cassettes, some CDs and one DVD. You can browse my auctions here: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/mcgroarty Four Giants of Philosophy; Andrew Bernstein Objectivism Law in Ancient Greece and Rome; John Lewis; Objectivism Ideas and the Fall of Rome; John Lewis; Objectivism Ayn Rand's Fictional Characters I - Andrew Bernstein How to be an Impassioned Valuer - Andrew Bernstein Heroism in Modern American Literature- Andrew Bernstein Achilles, the Tortoise and the Objectivity of Math Objectivism for Beginners: Refresher - Andrew Bernstein The P
  3. Here are a few notes about how to use Phil Oliver's fantastic Objectivism Research CD-ROM under Mac and Linux. Firstly, the CD is here. If you're new to the forum and are thinking about asking to bum a copy here, consider reading the patents and copyrights essay in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal first: http://www.aynrandbookstore2.com/prodinfo.asp?number=AR66M Carrying on, if you're using VMWare or Virtual PC for Windows compatibility already, you can use the CDless Windows instructions here. Ignore the rest of this message and pretend you're doing a traditional Windows install. If you h
  4. Fill the retirement community with retirees who have turned to Objectivist study in their newfound free time, and it sounds like quite a learning community indeed. Imagine a student having wise old neighbors with a lifetime of experience, all the free time in the world, and sincere interest in sharing his studies.
  5. I spent some time comparing half a dozen online rental services with a friend, who is developing a similar service for a different type of media. I last logged into Blockbuster about six months ago, so some of my observations may be outdated. Netflix has a few advantages over Blockbuster. Netflix has a larger and much more varied selection than Blockbuster. When adding or reviewing movies, Netflix offers better-tailored recommendations for similar movies. As best I can tell, Blockbuster makes recommendations based on other movies with the same actor or within the same genre and time period,
  6. I'll agree with the above. Objectivism has helped in in other ways, too. One way is understanding much more of the world around me, and in finding ways to anticipate and work around others' irrational behavior. Another is in learning to prioritize what's really important to me, and to appreciate my successes based on the pursuit of my own values, not others' recognition or expectations. Through the above, for the last couple of years I've been almost continuously happy and satisfied. For most of my life prior to this, I'd been a fairly unhappy person.
  7. I make video games, and have seen a number of different methods for games using mouse or stylus gestures. The way many most games work is to normalize the path so it perfectly fits a 3x3 grid, like a Tic-Tac-Toe board. Then, look at the order that the path visits an inner portion of each division (the whole division isn't used so that diagonals don't have to cross exactly on corners). There are also some restriction as to how much the path will be scaled, so strict vertical or horizontal lines would just cover the center column or row. Taking the above, if the divisions are numbered like
  8. Ha! Replying to my own year-old comment. A bit more help for anyone having problems. If you get an error about a missing license file, run with the original link and the CD in the drive and do any search. On the first search, the program builds a database from the CD. Once this is done, you're set for good. If you've already been using the program off CD for a while, you'll never have this problem. I can't say enough about the value of this CD. Even having all of these materials in printed form, the program is so convenient that I've looked up dozens of things that I'd never have otherwi
  9. The essential difference between GPUs and CPUs is that GPUs are massively parallel. They derive their benefit from being able to take a set of instructions and replicate them over large tables of data: take all the vectors from this table, perform a calculation against another common vector, multiply the result by the data in a second table, and deposit the result in a third. This is implemented cheaply by having an array of inexpensive and inflexible computation units working in parallel under a single control unit. When computation unit 1 is operating on the 1st element in each of the above
  10. Phil Hendrie is still on the air. If your station dumped him, you can subscribe to listen via his website. Listening to the callers' reactions is generally priceless and tells you a lot about how some folks think. I won't spoil it for others with more detail. Sean Hannity is frustrating. Now and then he pulls out something really instructive or insightful, and living in the best damned country there is, I appreciate the strong patriotism. It's refreshing to hear someone who isn't criticizing the country non-stop. But the problem is that whenever he gets a guest with opposing views he pret
  11. I'm holding out for Condi/Bolton '08. If only so I can see moveon.org go: :dough:
  12. A few people have messaged me, saying they'd had problems with the above instructions. The missing step is that you need to run the program once with the regular link to register and agree to the license. After that, you can run without the CD.
  13. Why? "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good" -- Hillary Clinton, 2004
  14. Giuliani is an active gun control proponent. This tells me there's something fundamentally wrong with his view of the individual. I'm staying home if I'm choosing between Hillary and Rudolph in '08.
  15. Somewhere out there, I'm told there's a photo of Miss Rand looking on approvingly as Greenspan and Nixon are shaking hands. Myself, I'd love to find that for my wallpaper!
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