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  1. Thanks for taking your time to check out my kickstarter project. I'm trying to raise funds to make the film. If you read the page and are interested, a voluntary contribution could help get it off the ground. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jimipatterson/moder-and-his-one-iota
  2. ahahhahahhhaa. whatreeeee you talking about! that looks done by Industrial Light and Magic!
  3. i didnt put much effort into the shopping... but it was the concept i wanted to put together, if you are good with photoshop. by all means, make one! and share it!
  4. student of objectivism.

  5. http://www.cnn.com/2011/SHOWBIZ/01/04/new.huck.finn.ew/index.html They're removing the "n" word to teach in school. What do you think? I believe compromising Mark Twain's original vision in the interest of meeting public education regulatory standards is wrong.
  6. I agree with what you are saying; and i'll try to clarify. Although I do not hold any excuse; the film is 3 minutes... and I was hoping although it was not expressly obvious... in the future regulation and corporate ownership is rampant and the accepted norm. I tried to convey this with the narration. The individual has NO right whatsoever. So, the principal has to accept a job-- in the case of the short; some field of research. (Much like how things are today. Most people have a hard time CHOOSING their field... its often dictated to them) Once he makes his discovery-- he can't just sit back and let it become the property of some group, no matter how involved they were in financing the resources... at the end of the day the idea IS HIS. So... in a free market, I AGREE, the hero would be wrong morally... but in a world where everything is controlled, regulated, and owned... where no individual is protected... the hero behaved accordingly. With the next film I will leave nothing in the air, or subtextual and I appreciate your comments. Thanks for watching.
  7. I'm sorry you're having trouble hearing. Here is a transcript. NARRATOR November 12th, 2035. As I await my arrest, I write my confession. Most of what you'll hear about me is true. They'll say I'm arrogant, sinful, and uncaring. They'll tell you about my crime: What I've stolen, who i've disobeyed, and how I've disgraced the public. AGNEW You're here, because the committee is taking over your project? FREDERICK No. I'm not going to hand my machine over to a bunch of second-rate looting researchers. NARRATOR This is why I love the man that I am. Because we live in a world upside down. A world where we coddle unintelligence and treat treat genius like a defect. Mediocrity reigns while superiority is deemed shameful. Innovative men are hobbled so the incompetent ones can compete. The groups welfare is far more important than the individuals. AGNEW Of course you won't... you don't compromise. But you signed on the dotted line, and no judge will ever rule in your favor. FREDERICK Say whatever you want... but i dont need the support from a corrupt justice system to tell me what's rightfully mine. NARRATOR How did it get like this? HOW did it get like this? FREDERICK That invention is my greatest achievement... NARRATOR Mans mind... FREDERICK It doesn't belong to you... NARRATOR Nothing... FREDERICK The public... NARRATOR But a fragment... FREDERICK And certainly not the committee. NARRATOR Of a collective. So, now I ask you to reexamine my crimes. Only in a society this distorted am I guilty. I've done what i can do to protect myself... But now I am faced with a dilemma: My mind, my life, my freedom but face persecution. Or, the unthinkable.... What would you do?
  8. It was not suppose to have been a retelling of the book, or even a reenactment. It was merely in the vein of... I was trying to explore the ideas of over regulation, copyright, and personal integrity as a creative person living by the tenets of Objectivism. I wanted to use an inventor with a machine as the nod to the book. This would be my first attempt in making an "Objectvist" film; on the next execution I will be far more clear so as the viewer can better comprehend the hero's dilemma.
  9. A short film I made for the Atlas Shrugged video competition. There's been some debate over the hero's integrity. I'm glad, seeing as the point of the film was to bring up discussion. I'm curious what you think!
  10. im glad you posted... i've been debating this over and over again for the past few days in my head, and reached this conclusion... but your two examples are spot on; and really inspiring. thanks so much. i guess now, lets make this post a pursuit to seek out the other ideal situations. i want to collect as much data on handling the situations objectively as possible. too much media is focused on the victims and the wrong doers. ill look if you'll look and we can both share examples over the next few days. thanks.
  11. Given the parallels of the over regulation today to correct the current financial crisis (and it being a horribly defunct process indeed;) I was wondering what your thoughts are on the farming epidemic that hobbled rural Amercia in the 80's. Looking at that time in history, and reflecting on it may lead to some answers for the times we live in today... which is why I bring it up. In case you don't know what happened; it was much like what took place in 2007, and 2008 with the housing bubble, but instead it was with an agricultural bubble, so to speak. In the mid 70's the Federal reserve was wielding the market how they saw fit... under the guise of a "free market" system-- interest was running incredibly low. The Farmers Home Administration had given out many loans to farmers in the midwest so they could create bigger empires for themselves. FhMA was making money off their loans being given out, and the farmers were enlarging their operations ten-fold. Win,win? Not for long. In 1978 the money supply had been deemed too large; and Paul Volcker (current Fed chairman) raised interest to cut back the inflation. Thus the money supply was diminished to avoid a disaster for the market... a recession occurred though. Devastating the rural Americans. As a result many farmers, 700,000 - 1,000,000 between the years 1978, and 1985 lost their land as a direct result of not being able to pay back their loans that were once affordable. (In affect their livelihood and ability to produce was taken from them because of a numerical figure determined by a government regulation.) As a result of this, the farmers became militarized and sought violence against the men who "swindled" them. The behavior of a looter. How do you think they should have responded instead? And can they be blamed for raging against a system that pulled them in with promises of success but unleashed failure instead? My thoughts are this: The Capitalist system which we currently live under, is not a real capitalist system... instead it is a corrupt money system regulated by many entities; stemming ultimately from the Federal Reserve. The farmers are incapable of being free traders in this system due to the regulations put on them; wether it be the loan interest rates fluctuating how the regulators see fit, or the ability to comprehend the very system they are being controlled by. Who is at fault? I believe it to be both sides. A farmer who doesn't adequately understand the loan agreements he involves himself in can not try to exact revenge or anger against a banking official playing the market how he can profit-- but is it not also wrong for the financial institutions to prey upon the farmers and rely on the ability of the Fed to raise and lower interest rates for them to incur profits? The farmer who once is productive becomes a looter and a persecutor after being destroyed financially and wanting revenge; and the banker becomes a leech and a second-hander making his income off of the trader he once dealt with honestly, only to fool them for their trust. Ultimately it is the governments responsibility to protect individuals from coercion and criminal activity... and they should handle the case... But, what does an individual do when they are exploited and no one aids them, especially if the very system that ruined them was suppose to protect them in the first place, but didn't? A lot of rural men became rouge militia members. A lot of damage was done. A lot of blame was placed. This could have all been avoided if people individualized themselves, and worked within the context of a TRUE free market, as well as adopted a reasonable moral code of ethics. But; if you had to choose the farmer fighting for rights that don't exist (looter,) vs, the banker manipulating a corrupt system to his advantage (leech) who would you pick? Both are not honorable... but both are real in this day an age. Where is the ideal man? Is is possible to be an ideal man given the current circumstance? How can someone (an ideal man) compete honestly if the market is controlled to be against him by a small group of men regulating their collective special interests? How does one reform a society to exist with no regulation at all... how does our current society realign their moral values to rational self-interest and reason? Could you please give your thoughts. This is one of the major problems in my opinion with our current society: politically, and ethically; and I'm interested to hear what you have to say. What is the missing link that allows injustice to continue?
  12. If you have 3 minutes to spare... I suggest you watch my film; it is also in competition. http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/42465/voteable_entries/12510481
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