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  1. CK one is a really nice fragrance. I also love Coolwater by Davidoff. Both Unisex I believe. OPh and I agree that most male fragrances are overbearing like that.
  2. The camera is supposed to be excellent, I agree, but there is much competition in that department from many other handsets. As far as the Apple eco-system (I am guessing you are thinking cloud computing, iPad and synchronization) then that is as far as I know a unique feature of Apple products at the moment (but that will change rapidly no doubt). As far as battery life, there have been reports that it is not so good on the 4S at the moment. As far as other features and specs are concerned, of course its a matter of which ones for different users preferences, but lets not ignore the fact that the better specs in general and the better features and apps in general, the better phone it is 'all round'. This is what you see on the market now anyways, the mobile phone is now vying to be all things to all users.....that is what is driving the innovation. BTW I didn;t say that Siri was 'the sole' benefit of the 4S, I said it was 'one of the sole benefits'. Thats bad english I know.....but still.....I meant it as one of the benefits that is unique to the handset.
  3. The speed at which this market is going forward, there are better handsets out there already (not factoring in the Siri software of course). Whether that effects iPhone sales or not is a different matter altogether. Having an iPhone or indeed any Apple device has become a 'status symbol' in our cultures and this factor certainly has an impact upon sales. This claim can be backed up by the fact that a surge in iPhone 3GS sales occurred after the launch of the 4S. Brand awareness and marketing has a huge impact on the mobile phone market. That is not to say that Apple products are not good, they are, but if one studies the alternatives it is not difficult to identify devices that out-perform them and provide much the same functions and improved functions as well as design for a lower price. The Siri software is however very impressive and innovative and I think that it is on of the sole benefits of owning an iPhone 4S when comparing the specifications and functionality to other handsets in that range, especially the Galaxy S2.
  4. He answered your question. What kind of pompous attitude assumes that this is not HIS thinking on the matter?
  5. iPhones are notorious for glass shatter when dropped. If you are prone to drop your phone, then don't but an iPhone. Having said that I think the Siri software is all kinds of awesome, but probably not enough of a practical pull to sustain market interest in the long term. The Galaxy S2 however is an all round excellent phone. Not only is it lightweight but is is durable and performs all the functions just as quick as the 4S with the added bonus of the Android marketplace that allows much more variety and cost effective applications.
  6. There is a guy on here who has it and was trying to sell it to ARI I think...... I don't think he was successful.
  7. Australian physicist Wallace Thornhill delivers the John Chappell Memorial Lecture at the 2011 Natural Philosophy Alliance on the University of Maryland Campus, July 8, 2011. Some of you may be interested in this.
  8. Watching Allison 'debate' the demos fool (if thats what it can be called) was like watching a train-wreck in slow motion. Difficult to watch but even more difficult to look away. The subject of the debate was not even debated, instead Aliison seemed to accept the pragmatists premise and a 'discussion' on statistic ensued. When Allison said he would 'prefer' the 'Fair Tax' when the subjected of taxation was brought up, I had to switch off. He might be good at lecturing but I have no idea whatsoever what he was doing on stage, debating the demos weasel, behind a placard of ARC. Didn't the ARI even check Allisons knowledge before allowing him to go on stage like that!?
  9. People are very capable and sometimes quite adept at compartmentalizing. They can be very rational in one area of their life and completely irrational in another. This is a result of holding mixed premises. Of course we do not 'throw out' an amazing scientific (reality based) discovery of a person because they were also Catholic, but neither can one claim that the method they used to investigate reality which resulted in their scientific discovery came from the application of their 'theology'. In fact, the discovery was dependent upon the application of ideas that are fundamentally and diametrically opposed to all theology. 'Peaceful' coexistence of opposing premises in one mind is not possible without a hell of a lot of compartmentalization and those artificial walls of compartmentalization cannot hide the inner war of ideas taking place in the mind of an individual who attempts to hold both and selectively apply them.
  10. Shouldn't people who make statements such as this be banned from this website?
  11. Wow, that's pretty awesome news! I had quite a bit of respect for Lerner prior to this thanks to his appearance in a series of videos titles 'The Big Bang Never Happened'.
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