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  1. Weak on personal self-defense? LOL He is ranked highest by groups such as the NRA and GOA on gun ownership and freedom of firearms issues. He is the most vorocious defender of the Second Ammendment in Congress. He consistently calls for the abolition of all gun control laws, and consistently defends a citizen's right to carry and own firearms. He may be anti-war, but he is not anti-self defense - at least not on an individual or domestic societal level.
  2. Words of truth! Leave it up to that cretin to utter such nonsense! Just like he and Falwell intimated that 9/11 was some kind of devine retribution towards a sinful society.
  3. Being from Orange County, CA I am an Angel fan. Arte Moreno is one helluva businessman, and entrepreneur who made it big through his own work and creativity. He is assembling a solid organization.
  4. Neal is dead-on correct in his assessment. New Orleans is located in a depression, surrounded by dikes and levies to keep the Gulf out, and is situated near the Gulf Coast in a region historically rife with hurricane activity. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that there are definate risks with living there and owning property in that region. Evidently to them, the benifits of living in that area outweighed the inherent risks, and since they made that choice it is incumbant upon them, as it is for all people, to accept the consequences of that choice.
  5. LOL Yep, he and Yogi ought to get together and write a book. That would be something to read. lol
  6. //Jerry Coleman is the longtime broadcaster for the Padres. He has been announcing since the 50's, starting with the Yankees when his playing days with them were over, and moving to the Padres, where he has been with them for over 30 years. He also managed the Padres during the 1980 season. He is a knowledgeable baseball man, with a great, classic baseball announcers modulation and cadence. However, he is well known to SD fans for his Colemanisms. LOL You'll all love these ones. -EW// How about these...all from one man The immortal (and sometimes confused) Jerry Coleman "And Kansa
  7. Why Athletes Can't (Shouldn't) Have Real Jobs << I've had this in my files for a few years, someone posted it on a political/news/opinion board that I am an administrator for. A little humor is a nice break for a topic. It is no wonder why very few athletes ever go into coaching, and even those are suspect. Wait until you read some of these gems. LOL Enjoy! - Ed>> Why Athletes Can't (Shouldn't) Have Real Jobs 1. Chicago Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson on being a role model: "I wan' all dem kids to do what I do, to look up to me. I wan' all the kids to copulate me." 2.
  8. This is exactly the type of person Ben Franklin was speaking about when he coined that famous quote, "Those who would trade a freedom for security deserve neither freedom or security." Read this entire thread. More proof that religion and rationality are diametrically opposed. I say those folks could use a good amount of commentary on their thread, as well as some discussion over here.-EW http://www.hannity.com/forum/showthread.ph...08&page=1&pp=10
  9. Bubba is a loathsome toad. I didn't vote for Bush, but I never voted for Clinton, Gore, or Kerry either. I do support opening up ANWR, as that is certainly in our best interests to put those resources to good use. Bush was right in declaring that we need, most of all, new refineries. I have been saying this for years. The last refinery built in the US was in 1976. We simply can not keep up with need for refined fuel. We also need to scrap this ridiculous regulation of different mixtures for different seasons, and different regions. Ending our adherence to the whims of radical environmentalists
  10. Mr.Swig, you nailed it perfectly! Listening to the pontifications of Ratzinger as he ranted on about the evil of relativism really demonstates not only supreme temerity and unmitagated gall on the part of the RCC, but just how ingenious the teachings of revealed religion - particularly Catholicism really are. Of course truth is absolute, A is A, good is good - evil is evil. For the Catholic Church to claim that they believe this is intellectually dishonest at best. The human is flawed? They teach that? Flawed is a very subjective word. In other words people are partly good, but sometimes evil.
  11. Hi Mr. Swig, Excellent article again! I see that you hail from LA. I live in Tustin near Santa Ana in Orange County. One of these days we should get together and chat over a couple of beers. Yours in liberty, Ed Williamson
  12. Mr. Swig, I just finished reading your outstanding article on Sean Hannity. You really laid the truth out for all to read. You absolutely should publish your articles, or compile them in your own book. What you write needs to be read by everyone, and should become a matter of public discourse. If you don't mind, I'm going to invite alot of people to read both of your articles. Is it ok if I provide them a live link to it? I won't post your articles, but a live link to access them here. Is that ok? Ed
  13. He's a registered member of the LP. Believes inherently in the abolition of the War on Drugs. Also, he is minarchist in his views on just how much scope government should have. Other than the Iraq war and his view on what the NAP says, he pretty much is libertarian on all the party planks. BTW, I am also a registered member of the LP, and as such I have taken my share of criticism here, but I am one of the few that doesn't believe that Objectivism and the LP are diametrically opposed. (I thought I'd be honest and upfront with that, but I have no desire to discuss my stances as this is not the
  14. Moose, And the other two? I imagine you had Reagan in mind. I just can't agree with the idea that it was the Pope, as the mass media keeps crowing, who was responsible for the 'fall' of communism. Communism simply collapsed upon itself, the reason being that it was untenable and unsustainable. It is a morally bankrupt system and it finally disintegrated. Pope John Paul II strongly believed in the idea that rich nations were obligated to financially aid poorer ones. He insisted on altruism as a duty. In other words, he was a socialist. I personally see nothing that qualifies him to greatness
  15. Actually Bill O'Reilly has the typical Catholic view of Christian socialism on many economic and social issues. I know that he thinks it is a government responsibility to promote social justice and so-called 'fairness' as it relates to public school students and club/off campus/extra-curricular issues. I well remember Neal Boortz showing up on Bill's show and calling him on the 'hubcap' comments. LOL I have never seen anyone do to O' Reilly what Neal did to him. The only thing O'Reilly could come up with as a rejoinder was - "You are a viscious son of a bitch". Anybody remember that one? LOL
  16. Selfish Viking, NO, we don't at all worship Arafat. Most Libertarians denounce that ugly little wart and all he stood for. I am and always have been a strong supporter of Isreal and Isreal's right to defend itself and inhabit their land. In fact, I think Isreal has been too nice to the so-called Palestinians (squatters and murderers)who murder innocent civilians, strap bombs to kids, and kill Isrealis for no other reason than that they are Jews. They should have annilhated the so-called Palestinian nation long ago. Isreal has not done anything wrong, they have made the land productive - wh
  17. Each and every person has the right to bear and own whatever arms he deems necessary and appropriate. Not only do we have a right to defend ourselves, our families, and our property - we have a moral obligation to do so. We don't have the right to initiate force against another person, but we may use whatever force necessary to defend ourselves, family, and property - including deadly force. Not only can we use firearms to defend ourselves, hunt, target shoot, etc. an armed populace also protects us against governmental tyranny. An unarmed populace is a captive populace. No guns - we are virtu
  18. Also in a private university you have various boosters, alumni associations, and various other sponsors who often have a large financial stake in that university - and as such they weild a lot of power and influence. Than there are the parents of kids who with their tuition money have alot of input. Yeah, state universities have boosters and alumni associations as well, but the percentage of monies from these groups tends to be at a lesser percentage as one would find in the private sector.
  19. Hi Mr. Swig, Any time frame as to when your next article in your series is going to be posted? I just saw Pat Robertson the other day on CSPAN. Listening to him ponticate makes one realize that true liberty, the seperation of religion and government, and individual thought and choice are under assault as we speak. YOu alluded to this in your article, and it is an argument I use all the time against these self-righteous, sanctimonious, and deluded fanatics - US laws and jurisprudence is Biblically based and grounded in the Ten Commandments, and they use this shallow argument as justification
  20. Mr Swig, Did you read the rest of my post as far as how the NST will lower overall costs? Also, no one is forced to pay a one time sales tax on new items. It is voluntary, just don't buy it. I know, people have to eat and purchase, but short of ending all taxes ( which I'd love, btw), the Fair Tax Initiative is preferable to income taxes. Actually, with a minarchist government we'd be able to exist on excise taxes only, hopefully someday that will happen. BTW, I read your article about Rush Limbaugh. Well done! Wow, do you ever have him pegged! That was a good piece of powerful writing,
  21. I'd be the first one to agree that taxing is basically evil. I can not agree that the income tax is less evil. The income tax is unconstitutional, and is basically the theft of one's hard earned money and personal property. It is government imposed force, one has no choice in the matter. Along with that, one is required to verify, by official records, one's personal and business finances. It is an invasion of privacy. Your bank account, your retirement savings, and your investments are open to scrutiny by governmental agencies. Certainly you would equate that with evil? A consumption tax does
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