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  1. Well as it is right now, we met at my work... She was apllying for a job as a waitress, and I was the manager that did the interview. She ended up not getting the job because the schedual conflicted with her other job. But we sayed in touch and she would come in after work to get somethign to eat. Well we had been friends for about 6 months. Seeing eachother outside of work, and played eachothers dates to numerous events, such as weddings, work socials, ect. and we shared many nights, stayin up, and talking about religion, politics, books. So that is why I thought we would go good together. But I have to say that she is the more imature one, out of us. But not that much, she is still a great girl. For whatever it is worth.
  2. Hey everyone, this past week I have been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of evaluating. I recently attended a wedding of a good friend of mine. The wedding was very beautiful, and the reception was fun. But I didn't know a lot of the people there. I was also the best man, so it made it even more strange, not knowing anyone and playing an "important role." That wasn't the real though, it came during the reception. The DJ played a song just for the newly weds, and they came out into the dance floor and started dancing. I could not help but to feel very lonely. Then this past week, a female friend of mine that I have known for some time now, was talking with me, we talked about a lot of things. All of which lead me to believe that she liked me, as more than just a friend that happened to be a guy. The next day I went to her house and I put chocolate kisses from her bed leading to her bathroom, and then tied a dozen roses to the shower head, with a little note. "Now that I have kissed the floor you walk on, and showered you with roses, would you be my girl?" She called me later that night. She said that she liked me, and that she thinks that I am a great guy and all. Then she continued to say that she doesn't think that we should go out. When out of curiosity I asked the reasoning. She replied by saying that we would never last, that we could never be anything but friends. What I am wondering and can not understand is why. If we have things in common, we are physically attracted to each other and also share similar thoughts, and everything would lead you to believe we were all ready going out, in the manner we act toward each other and just like the connection that even others can tell exist. Why could we never be more than friends? Well if anyone has any advice or comments I am open to anything you have to say. Thanks.
  3. I have never in anyway thought of myself as a deep thinker I always try to keep things simple unless the situation calls for it. So if this doesn't come out right I apologize in advance. Personally I would think that all things have value as well. The amount of value is lies in the eyes of the beholder so to speak. Rather or not an item exists though I would also have to say depends upon the person. Using the above mentioned example of a table, you can touch a table, smell a table, see, taste and even hear a table. Now something as intangible as love can not be touched, smelled, heard, seen, or tasted. But does that mean that it exists any less. Just because all of our senses tell us it isn't there does that mean that we still don't feel it. I would have to say that anything you can feel, physically or otherwise can be valued. Also on the same token I would say anything that you can lose can be valued. To use a different example a stereo. When you purchase a stereo it has value. Let's say you were robbed, they took the stereo, then you would determine how much value it has by maybe what you would do to get it back. Same with a person's love, once it is lost you measure it's value by what would be done to regain his/her love. Unfortunately it is many times after it is gone that we measure it's value but that is off the subject.
  4. I recently saw this movie and I have to say I was very impressed by the way it demonstrates how one person can dig a hole in the lies they tell. In this case constructing a never ending string of lies that if ever unraveled or the ruth be revealed could cause major problems for the architect of the web. More over though it made me think if it were even possible for the events in this movie to be accomplished in real life? The ability to convince the general public around the world that a computer generated scope of reality is indeed real. I am not sure on this but I would say that it is possible.
  5. Well I have heard about iTunes, and they have been known to add spyware to your caomputer. I heard about this program morpheous though and it is suppose to be free but completely leagle. Anyone else out there use it or know anything about it?
  6. So I am a big fan of the idea of downloading music of the internet but, I like other have decided I must do it the "legal" way. I hope online and am browsing through sites trying to find a service I like. I came across the Napster site. We all now napster from their exploits in the news about the artists suing them or something to that effect. Well I am looking at their site and, this is what get's me... They want you to pay them 9.95 dollars a month for unlimited downloading. But, the catch is for that price you can download the song to listen to at your leisure and just as soon as you want to put that song on a CD it wont let you. Can you put it on another computer? NO. They lock the song on your specified hard drive. Now if you want to burn a song to a CD or share it to another computer it costs you an additional 99 cents per song. Thus meaning you can spend upward of 20 dollars on the music for a CD not including the price for the CD itself. In short if anyone has a good program to use for downloading let me know. I would prefer not to spend more that 5-10 dollars a month.
  7. Well I would kick him out if I could but I don't own the house so even if I wanted to there are a lot of things stopping me.
  8. So my room mate is an anal retentive middle age guy who seems to never be pleased. The other day I cleaned the whole house, and he didn’t acknowledge that I did anything, and we don’t exactly live in a match box. But any how he seems to complain a lot and is never grateful. If anyone has the same living arrangement or has some advice I am desperate here and looking for some help.
  9. Today and for about the past week now, I have been experiencing some troubles with relationships or the lack there of. Although it has proven to be a thorn in my side I, it got me thinking about a few things. Why is it that people assume that before they start into a relationship or, even go out on a first date that there already has to be some type of cosmic connection? In my mind when you are interested in someone that, that right there is your start. There doesn’t have to be fire works going off or any type of nervous anxiety every time you meet. All that there has to be is interest, be it in their mind, their sense of humor, their sometimes unbearable search for adventure. In a way though I guess this can be compared to love at first sight, is there a connection that needs to be made at first contact. Or dare I say it can it be developed in the knowing of someone for a period of time. I can’t tell so I would love to hear your thoughts.
  10. I was driving around the other day and I drove up to an outside ATM. I looked and found that it was made to be used by the blind. Now my questions begin with what blind person can drive a car? But more importantly how can a blind person see what was on the screen do to the fact that few ATM's have speakers that verify information? Now for the serious question, have we (the citizens) become so anal about equal rights to for every group that we have to use more money to provide objects and services to those who can not use or will never use them?
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