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  1. I would argue that potentiality is always neutral or amoral. Potentiality in itself is nothing, it is something that is not one thing or the other, the actuality is positive or negative. This idea of potentiality vs. actuality goes along the same lines as concept vs. reality. The concept is amoral, only the reality is moral or immoral, positive or negative.
  2. Oh by the way that was me that posted that last post as guest.
  3. Can thoughts and desires, anything within a person's own mind, ever be subject to moral judgement? I have been arguing this point with a few people and surprisingly few agree with me that thoughts and desires will always be amoral. I purposely used extreme examples such as child molestation to prove the point and most people argue back that even thinking about immoral actions is immoral. I even spoke to somebody who denied the existence of amorality - every action or thought he concluded must either be right or wrong, e.g. me thinking about clicking my fingers is a moral act. Anybody else experience this? You probably have and anyway I was just wondering how other people deal with this level of idiocy.
  4. For some bizarre reason I'm the only right-winger in a class of leftists, a sociology class. While I can argue my side very well I need some help in providing a great backlash to the leftist lecturers who are quite light hearted generally and don't mind arguing with me at all. Anyway I'm looking for information on the retaliation to the age-old arguement that America sponsors terrorism by supplying terrorists with arms and training. Any suggestions regarding books, websites, essays, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
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