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  1. I felt a slight shudder when I read Symantec I manage a workstation environment of about 4000 workstations, all running Symantec Corporate edition and communicating back to a SAV server. We recently had to upgrade all clients from 8 > 10 . Most other pieces of software may have a few minor glitches but don't take alot of time, this one was an absolute nightmare. First off, it was causing Windows 2000 machines to completely hang because it didn't like one particular exe file in our login script, took a long time to track that one down. Then some of the upgrades completely failed because a certain .inf file was set to read-only (msxml3.inf). So we were left with a few hundred machines minus a virus scanner. Not suprisingly Symantec support did not have much in the way of useful solutions, most of the resolutions came from trolling through support forums where other users had similar difficulties upgrading their sites. We are quite interested to see how the new Microsoft Antivirus enterprise suite comes out. Hopefully we can migrate away from Symantec sometime soon.
  2. Some interesting stats there David, thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, they have given me some things to think about. For the time being it seems Microsoft will continue to write most of there System applications in unmanaged C, while providing managed interfaces to these libraries. So a balance of the two would seem sensible considering my employment aspirations.
  4. Lathanar, I am interested on your views about .NET being stuck in the web arena? From what I have seen it has become a truely powerful multipurpose architecture. And yes COBOL is still going strong, there is even COBOL.NET http://www.netcobol.com/products/windows/netcobol.html
  5. Hi, A question for the experienced developers in here. With the massive uptake in managed .Net based languages (c#, vb.net), do you still think it is worth investing a reasonable amount of time in honing my C++ skills? My current job requires me to use C#, VB.net and VB6, I aspire to move to a big software developer like Microsoft sometime in the next couple of years and want to invest my self education time wisely with this goal in mind. Work wise, the particular area that interests me is distributed desktop managment (SMS, MOM, GPO) I am in two minds about this: On one hand, I feel if I can become very proficient in C++ picking up other languages as needed will be far easier, on the other hand my spare time is limited due to current work commitments and I don't want to waste time on a language that may be made all but obsolete in the coming years. Any thoughts are appreciated..
  6. Agreed. Composer Michael Kamen was seriously impressed by the technical complexity of some of Metallica's earlier work when he worked with them on the Symphony and Metallica project. I believe it was Cliff Burton's musical input that really drove some of this brilliant earlier work (Call of Ktulu, Orion), he had a broad musical sense and was particularly fond of Bach. He originally was trained on the piano and that was were his theory background came from. Edit: I do agree with some of the posts that alot of Metal is vileness and anger for the sake of it. Loud, noisy and ridiculous.... (cannibal corpse, deicide come to mind.)
  7. Ravane: I felt alot like you coming out of High School/University (I did quite a few external units at University, as the whole drunk/partying thing was never going to be my scene), also felt like this in the earlier stages of my working life. I really got to the stage where I thought the possibility of finding anyone interesting in my area was 0 to none. I now have a job amongst productive interesting people, it is amazing what a difference it makes to ones social outlook. These people actually get enthusiastic about the work they are doing and are quite happy to share there enthusiasm. Although it may seem a lifetime away, if you follow your ideals you will be in a situation you love sooner than you think!
  8. Nick, What parts of Mike's methods do you not agree with?
  9. I'm shocked, that's a terrible essay, I wonder in what way is it judged as a perfect example??? Content, technical structure? Quote Ayn Rand often in your essay
  10. Well the main thing is it still runs everything I want. Im not a person who needs to have all the GFX turned way up in games. I have been playing DOD:S on it and it runs quite nicely.
  11. Thought I should probably update this thread. I finally landed the programming job I was after a couple of weeks ago. I am basically the sole programmer/scripter that looks after the programs/scripts for the desktop team in a large corporate environment (3500 machines). It is a fairly free role in that I can research and implement technologies as I see fit as long as it fits into the basic vision of where the programs should be going. It really has been quite challenging so far as the previous coder did little to no documentation for most of his code, so I have had to learn and adapt very quickly. For any of the other VB.net/6 programmers out there, if you know of any good tools for planning and maintaining VB code it would be good if you could chuck links to them in here! thanks.
  12. Oh I feel so inadequate reading these other specs lol. I have: Athlon 2800 XP 1gig RAM 1x120G IDE harddisk 256meg Radeon 9600XT 19" Benq LCD
  13. Burgess: You mention low protein as being an improvement, how is this beneficial to your current diet? I follow Mike Mentzer's HIT lifting regime and can't get enough protein.
  14. Not sure you will find anyone who perfectly fits your strict criteria Owl. I put the people on my list for there talent/genius in there field. I like this quote from a book I am currently reading about Buffett: "Rationality is the quality that Buffett thinks distinguishes his style with which he runs Berkshire--and the quality he often finds lacking in other corporations"
  15. FPS person myself. Playing mainly DOD:S at the moment. Soon to be playing COD2 also.
  16. 2 rational genius investors Lets see, In IT: Bill Gates Sport: Tiger Woods Business: Mentioned above
  17. I personally find Jaime Murray very attractive: http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/hustle/photogal...ime_murray.html Why? As well as classic beauty, she plays an intelligent, in-control woman in the TV show Hustle. Is smart in real life and she looks amazing in an evening dress
  18. Well I don't like Ben Harper or his politics and I don't really like many of his songs, but I do like the one below, it has great personal significance for some things and people I have delt with in my life. I think there is a definate sense of hope and self-esteem in the lyrics. I'll Rise - Ben Harper You may write me down in history With your bitter twisted lies You may trod me down in the very dirt And still like the dust I’ll rise Does my happiness upset you Why are you best with gloom Cause I laugh like I’ve got an oil well Pumpin’ in my living room So you may shoot me with your words You may cut me with your eyes And I’ll rise I’ll rise I’ll rise Out of the shacks of history’s shame Up from a past rooted in pain I’ll rise I’ll rise I’ll rise Now did you want to see me broken Bowed head and lowered eyes Shoulders fallen down like tear drops Weakened by my soulful cries Does my confidence upset you Don’t you take it awful hard Cause I walk like I’ve got a diamond mine Breakin’ up in my front yard So you may shoot me with your words You may cut me with your eyes And I’ll rise I’ll rise I’ll rise Out of the shacks of history’s shame Up from a past rooted in pain I’ll rise I’ll rise I’ll rise So you may write me down in history With your bitter twisted lies You may trod me down in the very dirt And still like the dust I’ll rise Does my happiness upset you Why are you best with gloom Cause I laugh like I’ve got a goldmine Diggin’ up in my living room So you may shoot me with your words You may cut me with your eyes And I’ll rise I’ll rise I’ll rise Out of the shacks of history’s shame Up from a past rooted in pain I’ll rise I’ll rise I’ll rise
  19. Hey, Bought The Godfather DVD box set the other day. Prior to this I had never seen any of the movies. I sat down and watched one each night and was suitably impressed (especially 1 and 2). I do have to say I felt an ethical struggle throughout. I found moments such as Vito Corleone's journey and establishment in America (part 2 flashbacks) quite inspirational, on the other hand there seemed to always be lurking a terrible sense of life throughout parts of the film. Did anyone else struggle with this throughout these movies? I found strongly masculine representation of the main male characters very refreshing, I think this is happening less and less in movies. Any thoughts from people here on these films? - David
  20. They are two excellent replies and have cleared up much in my mind. Thank you.
  21. softwareNerd: I guess I was thinking of the actual code design,writing process itself. If you were going to compare good code to good buildings I would imagine you would aim for the cleanest, most efficient solutions with no spurious unnecessary code.
  22. As my post title suggest I am referring to "Objectivist". I cannot see an edit button to correct this grammar error?
  23. Hi Guys, As a programmer I have been going over in my mind the idea of applying Objectivist principles to the process of making computer programs. I am currently reading The Fountainhead and find Rand's application of Objectivism to the field of architecture fascinating and compelling. I am interested if the experienced Objectivists/programmers here have any objectivist principles they go by in there field of programming and if this goes against the grain of how programming is currently taught in formal institutions? - David (Edited to capitalize "Objectivist/m" - sNerd)
  24. Moose: I also believe I heard Rand say a similar thing in one of her audio lectures, can't for the life of me remember which one. It was basically along the lines of not agreeing with the governments taxing citizens, but in such a society it is acceptable for a rational individual to accept there money back from a government that takes it.
  25. I'll second RationalEgoist on P&T: BS, nice change to see some rational thoughts on TV. There is a BBC show called Hustle that I would highly recommend, quite a smart show.
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