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  1. Yes I also saw this, single molecule transistors wasnt it? The mind boggles at what this would mean for electronics and technology! The article is here: http://www.canada.com/edmonton/edmontonjou...7b-5c6610e2ff2a
  2. Haha Brilliant is all I can say! "Suckling was quoted saying this will have a chilling effect on the environmental activist movement, and I hope it does," he says. "That was the purpose."
  3. Thanks for the advice. I guess at the moment I am slightly unsure about exactly what I want to do in the industry. I just know I dont want to be doing what I am at the moment! I am looking at viable options for making money in the future, security would be one, as we will always need people to administer security in systems. It seems unlikely Oracle will lose there large market share anytime soon either. I have an offer for a role in a server team at the moment, just means a 3.5 hr round trip each day! But may be a decent opportunity to get my foot in the door. I guess I have some serious thinking and research to do. I also want to use this income to fund stock investment, which I have been learning about for the last year or so.
  4. Have you bothered to listen to different pieces of Metallica throughout there career? I very much doubt you have. Try "orion", "call of ktulu", "to live is to die"... and you will see there's is far from simple three chord music. Edited by TomL to remove a personal attack
  5. I have the DVD edition of Symphony and Metallica, which was basically the joint project between the San Fransisco Symphony and Metallica and was conducted by Michael Kamen. In part of the extras it is noted by Kamen how complex/brilliant parts of Metallica's music are. The early influence of Cliff Burton (original bassist who died in a car crash) shows through in this music. I guess what I am saying is that it is a shame to write off something like the genre of metal as all "noise", when there are clearly musicians within the genre who are very very talented and capable of creating thoughtful/complex pieces of music. While I am certainly not a diehard metalhead, I do enjoy bits and pieces, especially earlier Metallica and I often find it inspires me. I write this while listening to Vivaldi ..
  6. That probably is quite a good idea TomL. I guess it just frustrated me to see young mech and chem engineers coming out of uni straight onto twice the salary I am on, when I have also put in the time at uni. I guess there are many ways to become successful. Anymore ideas are appreciated.
  7. This is a question for all those on this forum who work in and around the IT industry. I graduated last year with a degree in Computer Science. Within a couple of months I had got a job as a computer technician / remote helpdesk. Now this kind of work definitely does not require a university degree and really is not overly challenging. It is more of a supporting role, rather a creative one. As an Objectivist this saddens me, as I seek a well payed creative role to further my abilities and myself as a person. This also practically limits me, in terms of buying cars, houses etc.. Now I have a couple of career paths in mind. Web Development or Database administration. The latter will probably require me to pay out a fair amount of money to sit Oracle database courses. The money does not seem to be in web development or programming anymore, but Oracle DBA's are still well payed. I guess my question is, can anyone here offer advise/tips on the best ways to make a break into this industry? - David (Edited title capitalization-sNerd)
  8. This is also something I have struggled with synthlord. It seems that rational intelligent people in my age group (early twenties) are hard to come by. Most people in my area pursue mindless activities on weekends etc (pub, club, drink alot). This is not my idea of fun and goes against my values. It seems social opportunities with "real human beings" are quite limited. I would also appreciate anymore ideas/thoughts on this subject.
  9. Absolutely, but very different "lives" from what our original poster was aspousing.
  10. *Yawn* I find all these people who associate getting a life with, not thinking, not using a computer, mindlessly following animal impulses and getting a girl quite amusing. Where would we all be if Einstein, Newton, Edison and Tesla had "got" lives?????
  11. I also agree with Tom on this one. It is absolutely theft no matter what sort of spin someone tries to put on it. Did you contribute, pay or get permission to use the persons network or internet connection? I dont think it matters how dumb they are for leaving it unsecured, or how inconsquential your use is, when it comes down to it is not yours to use.
  12. Agreed, especially with the big push towards .net in the industry. All the universities around here begin with teaching Java, much more user friendly. I think C does have its place in giving one a better core understanding of lower level concepts.
  13. Hmm my c is very sketchy (havent used it in 5 years or so). Basic logic for the above would be more like: do { printf("Please enter a year equal to or greater than 1582:"); scanf("%d", &year); if (year < 1582) { printf("Invalid year, please try again:"); } } while (year < 1582)
  14. Hmm, Im really into trance music, wonder what she would have thought of that.
  15. I think BurgessLau is onto something. Motivation to be awake. I went through a period of fairly low self esteem and depression, and of course I slept and slept and never felt like getting up... After doing a 180 on my my selfesteem, happiness and motivation levels, I now have no problems getting up at 5.30 eager to see what I can acheive and improve on.
  16. Bring objectivism to the poor instead of christianity.
  17. Quite a touching piece of music. Thankyou
  18. Hi Betsy, I do know some shy people who are fairly successful. But if I were to look at someone like Bill Gates, I think he would be very competent socially and not afraid to back his ideas. I guess there is a difference between being and introvert and being socially awkward?
  19. Thanks for the great replies. I will really make an effort to put myself out there in situations that make me uncomfortable this month and see if I can kick this thing.
  20. I am about 80% through Atlas Shrugged and it seems that all the "hero" characters in the book especially the big 3 "galt, ragnar and francisco" seem to have suave strong personalities, not to mention the many references to there good looks. In your opinions is this just done to reinforce the Hero image or maybe just how Rand saw competent successful people? Do you think these are important traits to have in the business world. I am more of a shy, reserved type personality and am thinking this will probably hold me back from rising the ranks? Thanks, David
  21. >> Wow I just got Half Life 2, and it is amazing! I just bought the silver pack off steam. Still waiting for hl2 to finish, but cs:source seems fairly good
  22. Thanks for the reply's roscov6: By more or less a non issue, I mean no-one so much as raises an eyebrow if copies of the latest games etc are distributed around the office, I guess in some groups it is viewed the same as taping something off tv and making copies. erandror: I know exactly what you mean about the joy of ownership, without a doubt the games, music, software that I use the most are the purchased ones. I think piracy produces a hollow pleasure that wears off soon. jedymastyr: You got it in 1 Started using the nick a long time ago, maybe 7 years or so.
  23. Hi Guys, As with a lot of people on here finding Ayn Rand has been an eye opening and I guess life changing experience for me. It has led me to a bit of dilemma though, doing IT at uni and now working in the IT industry, software, movies, music have always been on tap, more or less a non issue in the industry I guess, the latest games always seem to find there way to our office. What is the objectivist take on this, to me it would seem that this is a violation of intellectual property and reduces the person to the level of a looter? This makes me really want to stop this activity now and get out of that lifestyle. Any perspectives on this would be helpful. Thanks, David
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