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  1. Hey guys, I`m reading OPAR and I came up with 3 important questions that I didn`t really understand. #1. Universe On page 16 of OPAR, Dr Peikoff explains that the universe is eternal: "Some of the things commonly referred as 'entities' do not come into being or pass away, but are eternal - e.g., the universe as a whole. The universe simply is; it is an irreducible primary. An entity may be said to have a cause only if it is the kind of entity that is noneternal." I understand this, since, according to the primary of existence, there could have been no "conciousness" to create the u
  2. Friend, you might not have sex with her, but - if you`re really a heterosexual male - you would feel atracted to her. Atraction is a biological response.
  3. Sorry dude, but i`m a man and I like women. I don’t know about Roark or Galt or Rearden but I feel attracted by the opposite sex. I understand that sex is much better with feelings and with someone who has a very deep connection with you, but if I would wait to have sex only with these girls, i`ll have a hard time finding them. I think there is not a true man in this world (I mean a heterosexual male), that will not have sex with a hot girl only because she believes in God, or sacrificed her life for ill people (I MEAN HAVE SEX, not a relationship) I totally agree with you. Yo
  4. i`m sorry I should have said that he had, 3 or 4 friends.
  5. *** Mod's note: Merged with a previous topic *** Although i`m a very objective person, and starting my journey towards a more objective life, there is something that I do not agree. I see nothing wrong with wanting to be social and having more friends, even just for the sake of “having more friends”. I don’t see nothing wrong with having friends whose view of the world are different from mine – what matters is if we have fun together and enjoy each others company. For instance: Peter Keating was social, everyone liked him and he could have any girl he wanted (nice!). On the other hand, Roa
  6. I`ve been interested in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for a long time and I would like to know your objectivist views on that. For those of you that don`t know what NLP is, it means the science of using language to organize thoughts, to be a better communicator and to change habits/beliefs. Lets discuss.
  7. Hey there! I finished reading Atlas Shrugged when I was 17 years-old and “fell in love” with it. Then I read The Fountainhead, Anthem, Night of January 16th, and Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff. I decided that I would do anything I to model and be like Howard Roark, John Galt and the other heroes. This may seem silly, but in the day of my 18th anniversary I took the same oath as John Galt did in the novel: that I would never live for the sake of someone else and never let someone else live live for mine. (i`m 18 years-old by the way.) Although I may have some knowledge about Objectivism, I
  8. Thanks everyone for the response! I think i`m getting what some of you are saying here. I understand that emotions of any kind are not causeless and that in order to stop having them I have to check my premises and change them. But how to do that exactly? I`ll give an example that is currently bothering me a lot: I broke up with a long time girlfriend and last week I saw her with another guy. You have NO IDEA of the kind of feelings that were running through my body at the time. I felt anger towards myself for feeling them. Even though I knew, logically, that we broke up, and that she was
  9. I`ve always admired Ayn Rand heroes, especially Roark. I`m reading the Fountainhead for the second time now, studying Roark`s actions and how he moves through the world. I really admire and find completely amazing the way he is indifferent to the people and focus only on what he wants. I`m so passionate about the way he lives his life in the novel, that I find myself trying to model him in my daily life. “Howard Roark saw no one. For him, the streets were empty. He could have walked there naked without concern.” The problem is that I can`t manage to do it. I can`t help noticing people i
  10. Yes it is. Thank you Maken. Let me ask just one more thing. How or in what ways would the thing which the statue represented be degraded if ever presented to the second-handers? Dominique knew what the statue represented and what it meat to her, but would anybody`s opinion on that change the way she thought about it? Are other people`s opinions really important to her?
  11. Quick question that popped up in my mind while I was reading The Fountainhead: Dominique mentions to Alvah Scarret that she destroyed a very beautiful statue she loved. She did that so that no one else would ever see it. If she valued the statue, why did she destroyed it? ? She had bought the statue, so why didn`t she hide it in a room in her house, making her the only person able to see and apreciate it? That seems an irrational behavior...
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