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  1. Not discoveries will be beneficial. Suppose we discover a comment (too large to destroy of to redirect) heading toward our planet. Ludwik . .
  2. Self-publishing is good, for an unknown author, when s/he already knows who the readers will be (family members, students, etc.) But I would not recommend it to anyone who wants to reach a wider audience. Last December I self-published "Tyranny to Freedom: Diary of a former Stalinist." It has been available on www.amazon.com (and positively reviewed by several readers) but the number of copies sold is very small. Bookstores do not order self-published books written by unknown authors. Finding a reputable publisher (a very difficult task indeed) is the only way to proceed. Disappointed by t
  3. Browsing the Internet I found a website with a one-year-old thread entitled “Ethical Stalinism.” The person who started the thread wrote: Marx predicted a future revolution in which the working class would own the means of production. Lenin realized it would take too long and advocated a militant vanguard that would expedite the revolution and operate the means of production owned by the workers. www.newyouth.com/archives/marxisttheory.asp Stalin promoted a rapid and pugnacious transfer to a communist economy regardless of the collateral damage. Setting aside Stalin's paranoia, per
  4. This essay is written as a homework assignment at the Memoir Writing Workshop for Senior Citizens (Tenafly, New Jersey). I am the author of a FREE on-line book, entitled: “Diary of a Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality,” at http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/life/intro.html It is an autobiography illustrating my evolution from one extreme to another--from a devoted Stalinist to an active anti-communist. This testimony is based on a diary I kept between 1946 and 2004 (in the USSR, Poland, France and the USA). The assignment consists of describing a single fragment of my li
  5. Peaceful coexistence between scientists and theologians I would very much like to know what people on this website think about peaceful coexistence between those who study our material world (scientists) and those who study our spiritual world (theologians). My attempt to write an essay on that subject failed, as you can see at: http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/theology3.html The webpage was prepared to generate a discussion. Those who post comments should refer to specific “contributions,” as numbered (or to specific persons, as numbered at the beginning). This will simplify the
  6. M. Soltysik, one of the leaders of SPUSA (Socialist Party of the USA), was recently interviewed by M. Bonanno, as reported in an OpEdNews article: http://www.opednews.com/articles/LA-Socialist-Party-Local-H-by-Michael-Bonanno-101220-602.html After briefly commenting on that interview, I wrote my own PoEdNews article: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Socialist-United-States-by-Ludwik-Kowalski-101222-350.html What follows is a summary of my article. 1) M.S. wants us to discuss socialism without linking it with the USSR, the first socialist country in the world. I objected to this
  7. I am Ludwik Kowalski, a retired nuclear physicist from New Jersey.
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