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  1. God insults man? I would differ and say that God gives man purpose. It can be inffered that Atheists do not believe the Universe has a purpose. If the Universe has no purpose, then man[athiests] could not state as such. If one says the Universe has no purpose, they have then stumbled upon some sort of purpose. The whole idea is illogical. The universe does in fact exist to bring glory to God. The big bang theroy does not defy the existance of God in any away, but the theroy proves His existance. Where would the original "mass" that "bangs" come from, if no One creates it? Man is the most complex creation. No other creation can think or operate as freely and self-realize like man. Machines can not self-realize nor can tomatos. As a psychology student, I am bombared daily with new theories explaining humanity--or in many cases am presented with ideas that de-humanize man. The further Psychology evolves the more complex the mind becomes. Man's purpose is to bring God glory--whether you believe in His existance or not. Man's ultimate goal is to spend eternity with God in heaven, where everything is, for lack of a better word, good. Heaven is misrepresented in inumerous ways, however. That, though, is for another post.
  2. Francis Schaefer is a well learned Presbatyrian. Though his views on salvation seem to parallel John Calvin's--with which I respectively disagree--Schaefer still offers profound insight into many truths of man and the relationship he can establish with God, through His only son Jesus Christ. I am actually, at a rather sluggish pace, reading one of Schaefer's works. The text is title How Then Shall We Live? and the peace is full of Schaefer's aforementioned insight. I would also recomend the divine works of C.S. Lewis--a very scholarly Christian who makes very intriguing points on how logic and the proof of God are inseprable elements. word.
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