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  1. Ok, here is my dilemma: While driving around with bluetooth, I play YouTube videos and just listen to the audio. A little while back, I was listening to one of the MANY Yaron Brook talks at a college campus. During the Q&A, some girl got called on, stood up, started beating a tambourine, and sang some first-person song/word poem about how native Americans were oppressed and enslaved, and yada yada, and Yaron just stands there for a couple minutes as she goes through her whole performance. When she finally stops singing, he responds with something to the effect of: "ok... so I'm not su
  2. I know it's much later but I just saw this topic, so idk if OP will see this reply. As a self-employed plumber, I can say that I in no way feel "less important" than a CEO of a large scale company. I would say that I resonate deeper with Hank Rearden than I do with Eddie Willers. This is because I don't equate my success with how much my business grosses each year, or how much I "contribute to society". I find great pride in my personal success and growth in itself, in relation to nothing at all. I have achieved great success through skill, dedication, and even character (A friend
  3. I enjoyed this poem on hitRECord, especially the part that goes: "Things matter, because well, they matter to you." Kind of a nice nod to self interest. I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed, and admittedly I occasionally have a bit of an existential crisis. But this was kind of a cool counter to feeling small in the universe.
  4. Here is an article from the huffington post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/good-men-project/why-its-so-hard-to-talk-to-white-people-about-racism_b_7183710.html There's a lot I don't like about this article, especially the part where "Dr. Diangelo" blames individualism as a CAUSE of racism: "Whites are taught to see themselves as individuals, rather than as part of a racial group. Individualism enables us to deny that racism is structured into the fabric of society. This erases our history and hides the way in which wealth has accumulated over generations and benefits us, as a group, t
  5. Thanks for these responses, I saw a couple people asking about where I got the quote from: http://www.peikoff.com/?s=transgender
  6. I'm putting this in metaphysics because I know Peikoff said that changing one's gender is a "metaphysical assault on reality". Does everyone here agree with this? Is it possible to determine that your psychology is actually a different gender than your anatomy? Can anyone prove that this is possible? I know a couple people who claim that they are a different sex on the inside and they want to reflect that on the outside. What questions does this raise about male and female identity? If a man feels what he might describe as having a "feminine" brain, such as the desire to be submissive
  7. I have attempted to clarify a little more in the above post ^^ The frustrating part is not that such content exist. I love it and spent a lot of time watching it. But popcorn only keeps me full so long, and it feels like there is so very little steak out there. Also, I don't mean to say they are physically living off of someone's creation. I'm just wondering if there is a bit of psychological second-handedness. Granted, the top streamers earn their viewership. Destiny is one of my very favorite streamers, and he often sparks philosophical conversations in chat. I suppose this isn't
  8. Great points Ludicious, thank you. I am aware of the fact that the things I am mentioning are new content. However, you assume that by me bringing this subject up that I dislike gaming streams and other things like reviewers, but I subscribe to many of them and have even given money to some live streamers. I'm subscribed to Pewdiepie too, and I acknowledge that he can be entertaining. I'm not contesting the fact that anyone can watch whatever they want, and in reality, I watch a lot of the stuff I'm "complaining" about in my OP. But I still maintain that there is something to this not
  9. As the internet becomes used more as people's means of entertainment, it seems to me that a certain breed of "content creators" are the most popular. Perhaps you disagree and can show me statistics that show I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the websites and/or online videos that get the most views are not so much "creating" content, but attaining their viewership by making videos based on content that someone else created. By this I mean that it seems to me that the most popular "content creators" are critics, reviewers, game-streamers etc. The current highest paid YouTuber doesn't reall
  10. I'm excited to see everyone's love for audio books. I just finished AS for the second time. Listening to a book is great! Often times a line is read differently (better) than how I imagined it. My job isn't driving, but I drive all day doing service calls, so I too spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  11. let me just say that I still love the music I listened to in my angry high school years. Even all of the screamo, all of the deterministic lyrics, all of the hatred of the "good". If I pop in an AFI album I will be rocking out pretty hardcore, even though most of those lyrics are about death and how ugly we are inside and blah blah blah. At the time I thought I was very cool for listening to music which echoed my deep internal flaws, and the imperfection none of us can escape . I don't view the universe or myself the same as I did back then... but I'll be damned if Davey Havok's
  12. Thank you everyone for your comments. I feel less biased now.
  13. I recently watched the film "blackfish", which I found to be full of anecdotal evidence as opposed to facts and statistics, and riddled with biased conjecture. However it did spark quite a chasmed discussion with the people I was with. I am all for capturing animals for human enjoyment. I enjoy the zoo and seaworld here in San Diego. My question is: barring deliberately cruel treatment of animals (i.e. physically hurting them), are there any concerns one should have morally with containing animals? It seemed to me that the primary thrust of the movie's message was that the animals "bel
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