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  1. While riding on a spin cycle at the gym I was watching the highlights of the press conference yesterday featuring Ben Bernanke. Questions were brought up about the Fed's recent actions and the effects its had on the rest of the world. Just wanted to see everyone else's input.
  2. Love of self which equates to confidence, love of life, and motivation. And in the case of my female counterpart, goes hand in hand with rationality
  3. My counter (although still a weak one) is that even with a strong faith, the religiously instilled values only pertain to those whom believe. Along with the idea that within numerous religions a breach of their code of ethics can be forgiven through either prayer or service, no matter how great the immoral act. Meaning that the disincentive for an immoral act in a religious society is based on spiritualitty and not something concrete. Whereas the disincentive for an immoral act among individuals of reason is a concrete concept that can be applied within the realms of reality. This is where my requirements for the paper cause restrictions. I'm required to give an opposing argument and then state my case. However I agree completely though. You cannot create something real from the unreal. Knowledge is concrete and can be supported with facts, observations, and most importantly rational critiques. However when putting faith through the same criteria, it falters immediately. Faith can't answer questions such as "why?" or "how?", all it can state is that "something is because it is". My answer would be that within a time of crisis individual's of faith look upwards for answers and direction, whereas individuals of reason look inwards for answers and direction. A community of believers would seek for a solution to arrive from a non-real entity, whereas a community of rational individuals would create the solution needed. That doesn't really argue what you're stating, but it's the best I can come up with. If you have some input it would be greatly appreciated Are you equating morality with motivation? I was slightly confused, and may have just interpreted what you said in the wrong context. But if so, could every moral be structured as a pro and con, or are morals absolute values. If morals are interchangeable with motivations, then morals have a set of both incentives and disincentives. You could rationalize violating a moral if the right incentive was there (assuming we are equating morals to motivations). I'm also interested as to how nihilism can be viewed as a moral theory. How can "something" be "nothing". Isn't the absence of morality part of nihilism?
  4. First I believe I'm within in the correct forum, if not please don't flame just critique. I'm working on a brief paper (700-800 words) for my English class and have created the following thesis, so I'm looking more so for critiques on my logic more so than answers. Within populations, morals must be created based on a foundation of reason and not faith. While morals supported by both faith and reason can have similar objectives; when faced with a crisis or situation where faith can be lost so can the morality tied to it. The idea being that anything tied to that faith, now is called under review and if supported solely by faith is likely to falter. However if a population's morals are strongly based in reason, within those times of crisis where faith can fail reason can still stand (relying on the minds of the population to maintain a rational mindset for survival and not an emotionally driven one). This isn't my exact verbatim thesis from my paper but the general idea I'm running with. Also I should note that my paper is structured as an argument so please critique my logic. Anyway I can create a stronger base the better.
  5. Started reading Atlas Shrugged about a year ago while in Rehab, was instantly hooked. Ayn Rand and her philosophy of objectivism has been the model for me as I've spent the last year restructuring my life and the morals it follows. Literature list is as follows (in chronological order): Atlas Shrugged The Fountainhead We the Living The Anthem For The New Intellectual The Virtue of Selfishness Romantic Manifesto Not to mention the numerous TV interviews you can find on Youtube
  6. New to the forums and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Justin and I'm a college student in the Raleigh area.
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