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  1. I'm going to continue to assume positive intent, and suggest that you make your case by making your argument, and not attempting to intimidate people by implying that they are not "Objectivist."
  2. I'm going to be really generous here, and suggest that if you want more investors, you might want to give investors the information they need to judge this opportunity before they invest.
  3. The similarity between all of these men is that they did their own homework.
  4. I'll bite, what perspective does this add to my life?
  5. So how do we start putting the Novo Dinero ($1 face of junk silver) into circulation?
  6. Why call them "rationalists" if they are not rational? Why call them "existentialists" if they don't think existence is objective? Why call them "socialists" if their philosophy is anti-social? Answer: because that's what the originators self-described as.
  7. I realize that among ourselves we might as well use whatever sounds nastiest, but when actually engaging someone neutral who has not really made up their mind yet, it's probably not the best idea to jump right into identifying Obama, for instance, as a socialist or a statist. Such loaded terminology can easily sidetrack a conversation, so sometimes it's best to stick with "neutral" language.
  8. I think we all should stop using the word "liberal" to describe leftists in America, as it has positive connotations from the classical meaning of the word. Their ilk are willing to use the word "progressive" themselves, so we ought to use that as well. Progressivism when the term was coined means the same as it does today. Many conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh have already adopted the usage of the word progressive over the word liberal. In terms of epistemology, progressive is a more accurate concept than the anti-concept that is the modern usage of the word liberal. Let us break our habit of calling them liberals, and our propaganda will be more effective.
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