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  1. thanks for some of the preview that i need in writing my essay but my teacher gave us idea about this topic and he said something about russia woirking on itself alone one time and joining with the other nations another time(*like on treaties and agreements).oh btw,,im new in this site. thanks for the warm-hearted welcome.: )
  2. What similarity is there between the Hitler Stalin Pact, the agreement at Yalta Conference and the Atlantic Charter? I need one similarity about the Hitler Stalin Pact, The agreement at Yalta Conference and the Atlantic Charter that I could make a thesis on and I could argue about in my essay. I don't see any similarities between the three that are worth arguing so please help me...Thanks in advance and please dont say they are all agreements because that is too obvious and I don't know if my teacher will give me an A for a paper that circulates on the topic that they are all agreements.thanks again.
  3. Okay. Guys I really need your opinion about this because my life really depends on it because it is my essay. So, The theme of my essay is Production. And My thesis is :To remedy the crisis of the Great Depression, the federal government tried to help by ways of capitalism, socialism, and feudalism.My teacher also gave us some bullet points that needs to be included in every supportind details. The Bullet points are*Bernard Baruch and his role before the Great War, in the Great War, and after the Great War. *Frederick Winslow Taylor and The Scientific Management *The Quote" The Only Thing we have to fear is Fear Itself- FDR" *The Quote"A Chicken in Every Pot and Two cars in every garage- promised by Hoover" *The quote "Although no formal statement was issued, it was the consensus of those at the meeting that the worst of the liquidation is over and that a natural demand for investment stocks now available on the bargain counter should go far toward an immediate restoration of trading stability.- made by the corporations at the meeting of J. P. Morgan & Co. at Broad and Wall Streets" *The Quote "We Do Our Part- from the poster of the National Recovery Administration" SO THE ONLY HELP I NEED FROM EVERY ONE IS WHICH BULLETPOINTS GO INTO WHICH ECONOMIC SYSTEMS INCLUDED IN MY THESIS???PLS HELP PEPLE.PLEASE.
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