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Found 1 result

  1. Islam has declared war on America. Muslims worldwide mean to destroy us, conquer us, and terminate our way of life. Our Western liberal philosophy is to be replaced with their Islamic one. All this is to be done in the name of bringing us "civilization" here on earth, and "paradise" in the afterlife. The United States desperately needs to fight and defeat the Muslim nation and Islam. But we're only maybe halfway fighting back against the Muslim people, and perhaps not at all against the ideology of Islam. We're now mostly relying upon the gov't to protect us. And they, in turn, are mostly involved in spying upon Americans. The FBI, CIA, NSA, and several other terrifying "black" organizations we don't even know about yet are very busy violating our right to privacy and brazenly running roughshod over our 4th Amendment protection against "search and seizure." Evidently the federal gov't is monitoring every bank and financial transaction whatsoever, and tapping every phone call, and reading every email. And all without probable cause or judicial warrant. On the one hand, organizations such as Al Qaida, the Taliban, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. are true enemies of the US. But on the other hand, so too are the freedom-hating, freedom-destroying FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. The difference is the Muslims are very weak; they're a disorganized, temporary threat, mostly from the outside. The federal gov't, however, is immensely strong; they're a well-organized, permanent threat, from deep within. Only one group is a true menace to our liberties, way of life, and happiness. One one group poses an existential threat.
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