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  1. Over here in chat-land, we are actually quite nice and friendly. But there are a couple guidelines that the newer generation of internet users ought to know about internet chat rooms. The first is, that you may not necessarily be walking into an interesting conversation. The second is, that you may not necessarily receive a greeting or response within the first few minutes. This isn't because we don't like you, it's because we have other tabs open. So I humbly entreat you, please stay at least 5 minutes before X'ing out the oochat window. (18:27:48) ObjectiBot: [some new guy] logs into the Chat. (18:28:58) 2046: sup (18:29:44) Bogomilist: hey newblood (18:30:46) ObjectiBot: [some new guy] has been logged out (Timeout). [/CODE] In this example, the new user closed the window almost as quickly as it was opened, and the connection timed out some time after messages were sent to him.
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