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Found 1 result

  1. The following relates to our long discussion of universals on another thread. But I'm starting fresh with an idea about the nature of existence and the fundamental basis of similarity. I propose that similarity is naturally rooted in the existence of two entirely different types of existents: space and matter. Space exists, and matter exists. Space is not matter, and matter is not space. Space is not material, and matter is not incorporeal. Space is indivisible. Matter can be divided into pieces. Space must exist, otherwise there would be no place in which matter could move. If all existence consisted of matter, there would simply be one solid, immovable mass. Space is the entirely immaterial medium in which material moves from place to place. There would be no such thing as place (or location) without such space occupied by material objects. Space cannot be divided or displaced by matter, because it contains no material to be moved by a material object affecting it. (A section of space has a "location" only in relation to a material object.) Rather, space is the fundamental, matterless medium for all material things in existence. Space is inside and outside all material things, providing an unbounded place for matter to exist. The only commonality between space and matter is the fact of their existence. And because existence consists of these two basic types of existence, similarity can be observed at the base of reality. We can see that there is a space and there is a thing. They are similar in that they are, that they exist. Yet they are dissimilar in that one is not a thing, and the other is a thing. In other words, one is no-thing, the other some-thing. It isn't until much later, after lots of thought, that one realizes space must be some sort of medium, rather than a literal zero. Space, however, is as close as existence can get to nonexistence, which helps explain why many people to this day believe in nothingness.
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