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Found 2 results

  1. The Current Scientific Consensus Composition of the Universe 4.9% - ordinary matter 26.8% - dark matter 68.3% - dark energy The Singulosynthesis Universe Current Composition Today and Beginnings 15.5% - ordinary matter (mass with entropy and physical information) 84.5% - dark matter (Singulosynthesis remnant of timeless degeneracy mass or what I refer to as a "Ted") 0% - dark energy - Is a perceived effect of Singulosynthesis Based on my ideas all non generation 1 stars should form around a magnetized non temporal mass... and that would include our Sun... how can we guess what a non temporal mass should within our Sun should be? Apply perceived percentage of dark energy to the true existing dark matter 84.5 x .683 = 57.7135 % is to total dark matter produced through Singulosynthesis Subtract Singulosynthesis produced dark matter from currently perceived dark matter 84.5 - 57.7135 = 26.7865 % original dark matter at beginning of Singulosynthesis Universe The Singulosynthesis Universe Composition Beginnings 26.7865% dark matter (Singulosynthesis will always end with non temporal dark matter and this is the best number I have right now) 73.2135% matter 0% dark energy. Our Suns non temporal non fusible magnetized core made up of final degeneracy mass 1sm x .267865 = .267865 sm non fusible non temporal degeneracy mass.... .53266 X10^30 kg Our Suns has .732135 sm fusible mass..... 1.45589 X 10^30 kg A temporal Gravitational radius is a temporal radius as well 2GM/c^2 = Rs (2 (6.67384e-11) (.53266 X10^30 kg)) / 299,792,458^2 = 791.069180m 7.10977523e19 / 299,792,458^2 = 791.069180m Final degeneracy non temporal mass density at infinite gravity (Temporally neutral state of final degeneracy mass density = black hole singularity (Rambo), non temporal final degeneracy mass density = Dark Matter (Ted) Volume of a Sphere= 4/3 Pi R^3 Volume of a Sphere = 4/3 Pi 495043536.1919463m Volume of a Sphere = Pi 6.60058048e^8 m^3 Volume of a Sphere = 2.07363351e^9 m^3 Density = M/V D = .53266e^30kg/2.07363351e^9 m^3 D = 2.56872778e^20 kg m^3 That is my mass density calculation for what is now called the Singularity of a black hole which is actually a temporally neutral state of mass. It is also the mass density of non temporal mass. Non temporal mass abides by some different rules. When Singulosynthesis occurs at the binary relativistic orbital velocity of the speed of light, entropy and physical information are be reassigned. Once this is finished only a temporal horizon remains... If a temporally neutral black hole horizon is governed by 2GM/C^2 law... the horizon of non temporal matter is larger because it is at infinite gravity, infinite gravity does not abide by the inverse square law and therefore displaces more space 2GM/C. This is how space is displaced by transferring mass out of time when Singulosynthesis ends. Calculating a Temporal Horizon area of a non temporal final degeneracy mass at infinite Temporal gravity (dark matter horizon) (nt) = non temporal The inverse square law does not apply since it is Non Temporal horizon 2GM/c = R(nt) 2GM/c = (2 (6.67384e-11) (.53266 X10^30 kg)) / 299,792,458 = 7.10977523e19/299,792,458 = 2.37156574e11 m R (nt) = 2.37156574e11 m R (nt) = 2.37156574e8 km R (nt) = 237,156,574 km Wow that is huge.... There should be a space displacement around our Sun that would be difficult to notice... This is my first attempt at a rough dimension of how non temporal mass displaces space and is probably the cause for error range in a number of constants. While primitive, this is my first attempt at calculating space time geometry... Space is displaced by converting temporal mass into non temporal mass...
  2. I am surprised there are so few posts on Physics here. Perhaps I can find someone who is interested in this topic. If we assume Peikoff's proof is correct and existence is a PLENUM, then what lies outside the Big Bang area, which has a radius of about 14 billion light years? Something is out there, (in other words, "existence") ... which implies that all of existence did NOT take part in the explosion known as the Big bang. Since existence is a PLENUM, then for all intents and purposes, existence is "infinite," and reality continues as we pass the debris zone of the Big Bang. Of course, this external mass-energy (outside of the debris zone of the big bang explosion) must exert a gravitational force on the expanding Big Bang material. If we assume the theory that this external mass-energy is responsible for the accelerated expansion of the Big Bang debris, what does this imply about how this external mass-energy is distributed? This distribution would be a PREDICTION of this theory (for the person who wants to work it out). I would love to see what it predicts. Does it predict the fractal distribution from the November 2011 paper by Carati: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1111.5793v1.pdf (or http://phys.org/news/2011-12-dark.html) If so, since this paper is basically an alternative theory to Dark Matter, we would hence have a connection between Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Both concepts can be explained instead by the mass-energy that lies outside the small debris zone of the Big Bang explosion. So in this (qualitative) theory or approach, perhaps Dark Matter is not needed. What contributes the additional gravitational field structure that leads to galactic motion is external non-big bang mass and energy. And Dark Energy is not needed: only if the Big Bang were occurring in otherwise empty space would you think that the expansion would have to be slowing down. More later thanks
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