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Found 1 result

  1. I couldn't find the thread about angels dancing on a pinhead, so I thought I'd ask a related question. How many pinheads can dance on an angel? If we assume the existence of angels, we should probably also agree that they reside in the same realm of existence as pinheads. Otherwise interaction between the two entities would be impossible, I guess, and the main question would be rendered pointless. Though, if you can see a way around the existential problem, be my guest and place angels in whatever immaterial realm you like, even though in the Bible they walk around like people. Moving on, my initial thought is that dancing is something only humans and circus animals do. So a pinhead, being neither a human nor a circus animal, could not possibly dance on an angel. That seems straightforward enough. But then I've seen Bill Nye try to dance on TV, and I'm almost certain that a pinhead could replicate his effort if perchance a strong wind passed by or if the angel quivered a little. Yet, there's also the problem that a pinhead is not the entire pin, is it? It doesn't include the wire or the point. Still, I think it has a small chance of moving like Nye. Now we must decide how many such pinheads could whirl around on an angel's bald head.
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