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Hey folks. I guess introductions are customary around these parts, so here goes. I'm a 22 year old aspiring scientist/writer living in the Upper Valley of the CT river in New Hampshire. I got out of college a couple years ago, crashed and burned on my first round of grad-school apps, will try again this year but until then I work the daily grind at a digital mapping company. Not my passion, but good work that agrees with me. The pay is nice, and they decided to promote me to supervisor (what were THEY thinkin'?). I have a healthy interest in nearly any sport that could theoretically involve bloodshed, am an amateur musician, and have my fingers in the proverbial cookie jar of a bunch of other things. My primary goals at this point: get into grad school, finish my book, and do this whole "living with your fiancee" thing without us killing each other. :unsure:


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Welcome, Kat! What sort of exposure have you had to Objectivism?
Well, I've read all of Ms. Rand's major works of fiction. I can't really pick a favorite, as I like them all for different reasons. I should probably reread AS at this point as I read it first and then went backwards through her fiction. I now think it's actually better to read AS after TF. But at any rate...I've only gone a bit into her nonfiction. At least glanced through it. I can't say that I have a great knowledge of her nuances in the nonfiction, but I'd hope that I do have a solid understanding of all her basic tenets and why. I have a philosophy background so it does make that sort of thing a bit easier to come into.Though I wouldn't call myself Objectivist per se, I am a big fan of Ms. Rand and have been heavily influenced by her in many respects. I certainly try to live a life of honesty and integrity, and my aspirations definitely go into the realm of the heroic :unsure: I won't compromise my morals. The reason I want to be a scientist is because I love truth and I want to find out as much as possible about how reality works.I also write fiction, and I'd like to think that my novels would be Objectivist-friendly. If I ever finish one, I'll surely make it known!
Welcome to the Forum.
ty, sN! Twas good to meet you in chat last night.
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