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I decided to rent this again to see why I liked it so much. I wasn't dissapointed. I liked it more than the first time I saw it. I deals with several themes tied to objectivism. The ending deals with justice (the importance of praising what is good), the movie itself is centered by the idea of goal-directed effort and hard work, and attempts to put it in it's proper context (the selfish creator).

A few quotes:

-... if you choose to compete in the IG classic you can come back. How's that? Hike'll give you a chance to think things over.

- What if I choose not to come back?

- Haley... tell you the truth... nobody cares. Nobody cares what ya do.

- The only reason I'm doing these tricks is because somebody somewhere said "I don't care if this is nuts and I don't care if it hurts. I'm doing it. I'm gonna climb this insanely high mountain. Watch me." When you're the first to climb a mountain in gymnastics, they name it after you. A Gienger. A Rufolva. A Tchusovitina. A Shaposhnikova. They all rocked. And we salute you.
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