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I dunno if any guys here are getting exam results around now, but I might as well start a thread for it, cause I've just logged into the UCAS Track service (let's you 'track' your results, geddit?) and... I got accepted into my first choice - York!

The current status of your Application is:

Congratulations! Your place at The University of York (Y50) to study Philosophy (V500) has been confirmed.

Now, when I get there next year, I can slap the guy in my signature below, with a big, wet haddock (or a copy of OPAR).


Captain Morgan and Guinness on me!

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Thank you everyone. :D I have some even better news. See, the way the system works is you sit three subjects over two years, and they bleed every ounce of your brain power with Coursework and Exams. Now, you work your way through three modules per subject in the first year (9 over all) and do the other three the second year (18 by the end of the two year course, then). Now, today's the day when I get my last 9 exam/coursework results in addition to having it all totted up to my final three grades.

To get into York, I needed an A and two B's. It was bloody tough, and I did a lot of hard work to get there. I slogged through it all and I got it done. I broke a life-long habit of procrastination, and for the first time in my life, I really buckled down and I did some work - and I did some damn fine work. Y'see, the good news is, that I didn't get the A and two B's like expected... I got two As and one B.

Now, what this means is two things:

1) I'm a genius. That first A was in Theatre Studies, which is actually a lot harder than it sounds. That I was expecting. The B was in History - I thought it could be a B or a C, but I worked hard and got that B. Now, the A was in English. I was very much settled on a B, and dreading getting a C. Then I found out it was an A... I was bloody stoked. It's no borderline-A either - I got damn near full marks (Well, I actually got 90/90 on my Shakespeare paper!).

2) A whole bunch of new doors are open to me now. To answer Dan, yes, York is a pretty high caliber school. It's also a beautiful town and it's all-round a great place to go to Uni. It has a relatively stagnant-philosophy department, intellectually speaking, but no worse, and perhaps slightly better, than other places (except Oxford and Cambridge, although maybe they believe A can be B there [it would mean I could lift that B in history to an A and get in!]). But the thing is, with this AAB, I can go almost anywhere, barring Oxford and Cambridge. Hell, I could probably go to Durham. But that's all a bit complicated; I'm happy with York and nowhere else catches my eye.

So here goes, after my gap year with my trip round the world (and hopefully OCON 2008), I'll have finished reading through my Objectivism Research CD-ROM and I'll be armed and ready to tackle three years of intellectual morass. And who knows after that? I've spoken to a couple of actors now, and I found out I can still get an Acting-degree - I just take a year long course at RADA, where I'll be working fucking hard, for long hours, but I'll get out with an MA, contacts and my first rung on the acting ladder.

You know, I never thought I'd see a day when I'd start to feel that same happiness I had as child (hell, I can't even remember if I ever had it), but today is one of the brightest days of my life and everything ahead seems so clear.

P.s. Kendall - You don't mix them together. Unless you mean drinking the Captain after the Guinness, which is what I meant. I offered up the Morgan for anyone feeling particularly brave, but I've tried that stuff and I literally vomited in my mouth a little! I think I'll stick to my Guinness. :lol:

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