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Hi, all

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Hi, I am a follower of Objectivism (as close as i know how)

I was introduced into it by my Dad when he left the Mormon Church, I read Atlas Shrugged a couple of years later, and Objectivism: the Philosophy of Ayn Rand now sits on my nightstand (I've already read it twice, but I keep rereading parts)

I currently live with my mom, go to her church (not by choice), and live in a very religious community - so I crave any reasonable media.

I would like to learn more about Objectivism as a whole, as well as other Philosophies (I do not have an interest in 'converting' to any other philosophy. I would just like to understand how others see the world)

I like to play video/computer games, and I enjoy hiking (However, I don't get around to it much)

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Ah, the Religious tyranny of Utah. I visited Utah this April. It's beautiful. Too bad it's been scarred by Fundamentalism of the most irrational sort.

I was, in fact there, with many Christians...This was almost a forced vacation, but I made my time enjoyable.

Welcome the forums.

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